7 June 2010

Norwich 100 miler

Sunday was another big day, we decided to do the Norwich 100 miler, which as it's name suggests is in Norwich & surprisingly is 100 miles!! We did it last year & it was truely miserable, it poured down with rain & we had a really strong headwind. This year it was so different, hardly a breath in the air & it was dry until the last 5 miles.

Norfolk is far from flat!

Our 99.4 mile route

It was a good ride with good friends, I had a slow puncture for about 10 miles & had to stop & pump the tyre up about 4 times, I eventually changed the inner-tube, but the problem persisted & I ended up buying a new rear tyre at the checkpoint. Overall I was satisfied with the day especially when we average 3mph quicker over the same route than last year

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