3 June 2010

The North Downs

Oh dear is a good starting point for this!!

Took the day off & Gav & I decided to do our 40 mile route in reverse. We climbed for the first 10 miles to Pollhill, where we had a cup of tea & a bacon sarnie. The plan was the to go down Pollhill & then through Dunton Green. However I have heard so much about Star Hill & we decided to give it a go....... easy!! only 12% in places & actually a nice climb.

Feeling a little braver, we decided to have a stab at Westerham Hill.......... oh dear. A fairly gentle start to the climb, pass the juction of Pilgrims Way & bang it was like cycling up a brick wall, 29% was the maximum gradiant I recorded on my twatnav. The only good thing it was then 14 miles downhill, which we did at over 30mph in places.

Just to cap the day off, span for 2 hours & did an hour of Marcia's core conditioning!!

We seemed to climb the whole day??

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