13 June 2010

Great Kent Ride

Today was a good day, I was joined by Si & Rae who are doing LEJOG, & 2 friends from the gym Kerry & Joe. Lastly we were joined by Helen who I work with. Helen has never attempted anything over 15 miles before so a 57 mile ride is challenging at best.

We set off & soon made our way to the flat fast marshes of Kent & it stayed billiard table flat for nearly 30 miles. There was very little wind & the sun was up & shining. You can certainly see why Kent is called the garden of England..... it was a great day, with great company. Helen does deserve special mention, she is lovely woman who I work with & I like to think of her as a little old fashioned & qwerky (in a nice way). She took this old fashioned persona I have of her, by arriving for the ride on a bike that weighed about as much as a three story house & I think was first ridden by Moses? Needless to say she had to fight all the way round, but my god she did well.... chapeau to you Helen, you should be proud of yourself. I am taking her shopping in the next few weeks to buy a road bike with her.

20 miles done & a well deserved cup of 'nato standard' tea

Kerry climbing one of the few hills of today (16% at the bottom)

Simon & Helen getting ready to level off. This climb came as a shock after 27 miles of billiard table flat

Bumped into a friend at the pub!
The end, 57.4 miles & a great day

The flat route!!

Last word must go to Helen....... chapeau xx

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