28 June 2010

Day 2

What can I say, 76 miles of hell!!

We started well at speed, Neal had an interesting moment near the Eden Project, we were going down a steep hill & he went to brake & his handle bars came loose! The phrase was 'smell it I'm sitting in it'!!

Pretty uneventful until about 1 mile from the worst climb of the day, when my rear wheel buckled. Rollocks is a phrase that sprang to mind!! Si did his best & managed to get it less bent!!

We then started the energy sapping climb onto Dartmoor, boy was I glad when I'd reached the top. My pulse maxed out at 99% so clearly I wasn't trying hard enough!!

Got to Exeter & we were 2 hours quicker than last year, have to be happy with that!!

Off to Bristol tomorrow, only 76 miles but sadly rain is forecast

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Roy said...

Well done , Phil. Roy