30 June 2010

Day 4

We are now in Worcester having cycled what I think is the best day I have ever spent in the saddle. We left Bristol & for the first 10 miles the Banzaing continued. I was the victim of a 3 man ride by banzaing!!

We then got onto the A38 & the serious riding began. We soon got ourselves organised into a 4 man echelon each taking turns to pull at the front for a few miles & we covered the next 40 miles in a little under 2 hours. We were cycling at Gas Mark 6!!

We slowed down towards the end & the new game of soaking the person that you overtake with you bidon. Great weather, great fun & great company!!

29 June 2010

Day 3

Now in Bristol having covered 77 miles today

It was a good day, with fast flat roads. Managed to banzia Neal a few times & have one on my headcam, which I'll post when I get home

Still restricted to using my iPhone for these updates & the bloody predictive text is a pain & I can't change my spelling or grammatical errors until get to a real computer!!

28 June 2010

Day 2

What can I say, 76 miles of hell!!

We started well at speed, Neal had an interesting moment near the Eden Project, we were going down a steep hill & he went to brake & his handle bars came loose! The phrase was 'smell it I'm sitting in it'!!

Pretty uneventful until about 1 mile from the worst climb of the day, when my rear wheel buckled. Rollocks is a phrase that sprang to mind!! Si did his best & managed to get it less bent!!

We then started the energy sapping climb onto Dartmoor, boy was I glad when I'd reached the top. My pulse maxed out at 99% so clearly I wasn't trying hard enough!!

Got to Exeter & we were 2 hours quicker than last year, have to be happy with that!!

Off to Bristol tomorrow, only 76 miles but sadly rain is forecast

27 June 2010

Day 1

Day 1 done, covered the 58 miles to St Austell in blazing sun & on a windless day. Off to tackle the climbing onto Dartmoor, how am I looking forward to that!!

Sorry about the post, restricted to using my iPhone, it would appear Premier Inn's block my BT dongle to enable me to use my macbook

26 June 2010

D day!

All the training is done, all the miles now behind me.. My bike has been serviced & I now just want to get on the road & start cycling!!

I will update this as often as I can (pictures & SATNAV downloads may have to wait until I get home), but please look in if you are able.

I will also be updating my FACEBOOK page on a more regular bases, as I know Neal & Si will be. If you are on FB, then add me as a friend if not, you should be it is the 21st century after all!!

Back in 2 weeks!!

20 June 2010

Day well spent

Rode for the last time yesterday over a very hilly 55 mile route, with Toby, Tom & Ginga. It was made harder because of the constant head wind. I still fail to see how I can cycle a circular route & always be going into a headwind??

Our route

I never realised I looked so good from behind!!

17 June 2010

Last ride before the off

On Saturday I shall be doing my last ride before I service my bike & get ready for departing the following weekend. It's now into single figures & I just want to get going now!! The route I have devised is a hilly (they always are living near to the North Downs) but does have some fast flat bits.

I'm being joined by a few friends & just want to get another 50 miles into my legs & saddle area!!

13 June 2010

Great Kent Ride

Today was a good day, I was joined by Si & Rae who are doing LEJOG, & 2 friends from the gym Kerry & Joe. Lastly we were joined by Helen who I work with. Helen has never attempted anything over 15 miles before so a 57 mile ride is challenging at best.

We set off & soon made our way to the flat fast marshes of Kent & it stayed billiard table flat for nearly 30 miles. There was very little wind & the sun was up & shining. You can certainly see why Kent is called the garden of England..... it was a great day, with great company. Helen does deserve special mention, she is lovely woman who I work with & I like to think of her as a little old fashioned & qwerky (in a nice way). She took this old fashioned persona I have of her, by arriving for the ride on a bike that weighed about as much as a three story house & I think was first ridden by Moses? Needless to say she had to fight all the way round, but my god she did well.... chapeau to you Helen, you should be proud of yourself. I am taking her shopping in the next few weeks to buy a road bike with her.

20 miles done & a well deserved cup of 'nato standard' tea

Kerry climbing one of the few hills of today (16% at the bottom)

Simon & Helen getting ready to level off. This climb came as a shock after 27 miles of billiard table flat

Bumped into a friend at the pub!
The end, 57.4 miles & a great day

The flat route!!

Last word must go to Helen....... chapeau xx

7 June 2010

Norwich 100 miler

Sunday was another big day, we decided to do the Norwich 100 miler, which as it's name suggests is in Norwich & surprisingly is 100 miles!! We did it last year & it was truely miserable, it poured down with rain & we had a really strong headwind. This year it was so different, hardly a breath in the air & it was dry until the last 5 miles.

Norfolk is far from flat!

Our 99.4 mile route

It was a good ride with good friends, I had a slow puncture for about 10 miles & had to stop & pump the tyre up about 4 times, I eventually changed the inner-tube, but the problem persisted & I ended up buying a new rear tyre at the checkpoint. Overall I was satisfied with the day especially when we average 3mph quicker over the same route than last year

3 June 2010

The North Downs

Oh dear is a good starting point for this!!

Took the day off & Gav & I decided to do our 40 mile route in reverse. We climbed for the first 10 miles to Pollhill, where we had a cup of tea & a bacon sarnie. The plan was the to go down Pollhill & then through Dunton Green. However I have heard so much about Star Hill & we decided to give it a go....... easy!! only 12% in places & actually a nice climb.

Feeling a little braver, we decided to have a stab at Westerham Hill.......... oh dear. A fairly gentle start to the climb, pass the juction of Pilgrims Way & bang it was like cycling up a brick wall, 29% was the maximum gradiant I recorded on my twatnav. The only good thing it was then 14 miles downhill, which we did at over 30mph in places.

Just to cap the day off, span for 2 hours & did an hour of Marcia's core conditioning!!

We seemed to climb the whole day??