16 May 2010

The Tour of Tendring

Dear all

I was again joined by Sandra as we left home at 6.30am to drive to Dovercourt (Harwich) to complete in our first organised ride of the year called the Tour of Tendring. It was a circular route over some very fast & predominately flat roads (There were a couple of little hills, but nothing really of any note). We were fortunate with the weather (a unique experience for us this year!) & the rain stayed away until we had loaded the bikes on the roof of the car & were driving home. There was a strong headwind that seemed to follow us everywhere, but we just put our heads down & powered our way round. It was the fastest long ride we have done, covering the 48 miles in 2hrs 51 mins, which equated to 16.7mph. About 3mph quicker than we normally average. If we hadn't had the headwind for the majority of the ride I would think our average would have been well over 18mph........ great roads!!

Another well organised ride by www.bike-events.com

Download from my SATNAV via Garmin Connect

Download via Trialrunner

I have been asked by a few poeple how I am able to download my pulse monitor etc & produce them as JPEG's. Quite simple really I don't have a polar pulse monitor, nothing wrong with them, however nearly everyone at my gym does & you get bleed over between them. I have a Garmin, which also links into my SATNAV. The Garmin comes with a USB dongle that automatically downloads the info from my watch onto my Imac. As I don't have a PC & am very much a MAC convert, I use a free program called TrailRunner to produce the maps (I don't think it's available for PC's??)

Got a certificate for finishing!!

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