30 May 2010

Sussex/Surrey scramble

Today was a BIG challenge in many ways; it's the first long distance ride I have done (80 miles plus) since I did LEJOG last year & here I am less than 4 weeks away from starting it again. The terrain was also a big consideration, normally when I have done longer rides they are not over the North or South Downs!!. The hills were energy sapping & demanding. The climb to Goodwood hit 24% (1:4) & was painful. Lactic acid was burning my thighs & when I pushed down on the pedal the front wheel was coming off the ground......... epic!!

It was the first ride that I have done by wiggle & I was certainly impressed. I have done loads with bike-events.co.uk & they are very good, however the wiggle ones are for 'proper' cyclists & not hackers like Sandra & I........ it was the first ride we have done & NOT overtaken anyone!! In hindsight though it was a great day, the weather was fantastic & we averaged 13.8mph, which was good as we hoping to beat 13!!

Our palmar├Ęs

This is screaming out caption competition........ Prize f0r the winner!!

I nearly forgot to mention Sandra's cyclocross incident, we were cycling along side by side chatting away & she turned to me & said "it's lovely" just as we went round a right hand bend, she then manages to leave the roadway & end up on the verge. She kept shouting out for a truck, but I couldn't see one. Fortunately she was OK, but her pulse did go to 170bpm from 100!!

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