23 May 2010

Summer is finally here, lets hope it stays!!

Is the summer finally here?? Lets just hope it stays until I at least get to Glencoe (I've said jokingly that I will continue to do LEJOG every year until I see it in the sun!!)

Been out the last couple of days, doing my all to familiar training ride up & over Wrotham Hill, Borough Green & back up Pollhill. On Saturday I was joined by a couple of spinning partners from the gym (Ross & Toby) & we had a good ride in perfect weather.

Sunday, I was joined by Sandra & we decided to do our circular route the other way round. The first 10 miles are a steady climb (not too step), before the fast descent into Dunton Green. This is then followed by undulating roads until you get to the climb I was dreading which is up to the top of Wrotham Hill. It's about a mile & I was worried, I come down it at 45 mph & I was convinced that I may not even get up it. How wrong was I. Not only did I not have to come off the middle ring on the front, I overtook another cyclist, yes you didn't misread that I OVERTOOK ANOTHER CYCLIST ON A HILL...!! We also average our best speed yet for this route, albeit the first time we did it this way!!

Sunday, the 'wrong way' round!

Saturday's stats

The legendary climb up Wrotham Hill where I got the polka dot jersey!!

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