3 May 2010

The misery of the Isle of Wight

Sandra & I were joined by some new people as we cycled round the Isle of Wight, these were Tessa & Nick.

On Saturday we went & did a 41 mile ride across the middle of the island & then down along the sound west coast, up & over Ventnor & then back to the capital Newport where we were staying. The sun shone & it was marvellous.

Team Madras at the start

Halfway round (Fish suppers all round)

At the end, waiting for the key-holder to come back!

Day 1 & you'd be surprised how hilly the Isle of Wight is?

Day 2....... oh dear where do I start???

Tessa didn't join us as she injured herself the day before, we left Newport in the howling wind & rain & then checked in at Cowes. We then started on the course to cycle round the Island. It was a good ride, except for the rain, wind & the freezing cold. We got about 20 miles in when Nick had a puncture (got to try my new CO2 pump, so I was happy!). Another 10 miles in & it was goodnight Vienna for Nick. Whilst changing down gear he ripped his rear derailed clean off the bracket & it is now knackered!!

Sandra & I did the decent thing & left him after calling the back up car to come & get him. We soldiered on & clearly for leaving Nick the gods were against us. The rain & wind got heavier. We started at the bottom of the climb to Black-gang Chime & we had a tail wind & as I was going up the climb I was changing up through the gears. This changed as we reached the top, when the head wind was then against us & how did that stay with us. By this time we were soaked, I had lost the feeling in my fingers & my lips were suffering cyanosis (turning blue). We carried on the route & found a pub. We decided that as no lives depended on us finishing we would go back to our hotel & get warm. We did manage 53 miles & as the cycle route round the island is so well posted WE WILL RETURN & finish it!!

Day 2 a wet, windy & cold day....... miserable!!

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