30 May 2010

Sussex/Surrey scramble

Today was a BIG challenge in many ways; it's the first long distance ride I have done (80 miles plus) since I did LEJOG last year & here I am less than 4 weeks away from starting it again. The terrain was also a big consideration, normally when I have done longer rides they are not over the North or South Downs!!. The hills were energy sapping & demanding. The climb to Goodwood hit 24% (1:4) & was painful. Lactic acid was burning my thighs & when I pushed down on the pedal the front wheel was coming off the ground......... epic!!

It was the first ride that I have done by wiggle & I was certainly impressed. I have done loads with bike-events.co.uk & they are very good, however the wiggle ones are for 'proper' cyclists & not hackers like Sandra & I........ it was the first ride we have done & NOT overtaken anyone!! In hindsight though it was a great day, the weather was fantastic & we averaged 13.8mph, which was good as we hoping to beat 13!!

Our palmar├Ęs

This is screaming out caption competition........ Prize f0r the winner!!

I nearly forgot to mention Sandra's cyclocross incident, we were cycling along side by side chatting away & she turned to me & said "it's lovely" just as we went round a right hand bend, she then manages to leave the roadway & end up on the verge. She kept shouting out for a truck, but I couldn't see one. Fortunately she was OK, but her pulse did go to 170bpm from 100!!

23 May 2010

Summer is finally here, lets hope it stays!!

Is the summer finally here?? Lets just hope it stays until I at least get to Glencoe (I've said jokingly that I will continue to do LEJOG every year until I see it in the sun!!)

Been out the last couple of days, doing my all to familiar training ride up & over Wrotham Hill, Borough Green & back up Pollhill. On Saturday I was joined by a couple of spinning partners from the gym (Ross & Toby) & we had a good ride in perfect weather.

Sunday, I was joined by Sandra & we decided to do our circular route the other way round. The first 10 miles are a steady climb (not too step), before the fast descent into Dunton Green. This is then followed by undulating roads until you get to the climb I was dreading which is up to the top of Wrotham Hill. It's about a mile & I was worried, I come down it at 45 mph & I was convinced that I may not even get up it. How wrong was I. Not only did I not have to come off the middle ring on the front, I overtook another cyclist, yes you didn't misread that I OVERTOOK ANOTHER CYCLIST ON A HILL...!! We also average our best speed yet for this route, albeit the first time we did it this way!!

Sunday, the 'wrong way' round!

Saturday's stats

The legendary climb up Wrotham Hill where I got the polka dot jersey!!

16 May 2010

The Tour of Tendring

Dear all

I was again joined by Sandra as we left home at 6.30am to drive to Dovercourt (Harwich) to complete in our first organised ride of the year called the Tour of Tendring. It was a circular route over some very fast & predominately flat roads (There were a couple of little hills, but nothing really of any note). We were fortunate with the weather (a unique experience for us this year!) & the rain stayed away until we had loaded the bikes on the roof of the car & were driving home. There was a strong headwind that seemed to follow us everywhere, but we just put our heads down & powered our way round. It was the fastest long ride we have done, covering the 48 miles in 2hrs 51 mins, which equated to 16.7mph. About 3mph quicker than we normally average. If we hadn't had the headwind for the majority of the ride I would think our average would have been well over 18mph........ great roads!!

Another well organised ride by www.bike-events.com

Download from my SATNAV via Garmin Connect

Download via Trialrunner

I have been asked by a few poeple how I am able to download my pulse monitor etc & produce them as JPEG's. Quite simple really I don't have a polar pulse monitor, nothing wrong with them, however nearly everyone at my gym does & you get bleed over between them. I have a Garmin, which also links into my SATNAV. The Garmin comes with a USB dongle that automatically downloads the info from my watch onto my Imac. As I don't have a PC & am very much a MAC convert, I use a free program called TrailRunner to produce the maps (I don't think it's available for PC's??)

Got a certificate for finishing!!

10 May 2010

London Marathon now

The spinning is very much continuing now, & Sunday I am doing another long cycle ride. Went to the gym today & the instructor didn't come, so I decided to do a quick 50 km sprint, which took me 1 hour, 25 mins & 23 secs.

Hard work, but satisfying

Other news, I have now entered the London Marathon in 2011, best I get out running soon!!

6 May 2010

New York Marathon

Dear all

Again I received some good news today that I am now doing the New York Marathon on the 7th November ..... woohoo!!!

The cycle training is continuing in earnest & I am still at the gym nearly every night of the week. I am finding it increasing more difficult to get my heart rate up to my maximum & I am noticing that it returns to normal a lot quicker which is encouraging!

I will be running the marathon again for COPS & don't worry you will receive an email!!

3 May 2010

The misery of the Isle of Wight

Sandra & I were joined by some new people as we cycled round the Isle of Wight, these were Tessa & Nick.

On Saturday we went & did a 41 mile ride across the middle of the island & then down along the sound west coast, up & over Ventnor & then back to the capital Newport where we were staying. The sun shone & it was marvellous.

Team Madras at the start

Halfway round (Fish suppers all round)

At the end, waiting for the key-holder to come back!

Day 1 & you'd be surprised how hilly the Isle of Wight is?

Day 2....... oh dear where do I start???

Tessa didn't join us as she injured herself the day before, we left Newport in the howling wind & rain & then checked in at Cowes. We then started on the course to cycle round the Island. It was a good ride, except for the rain, wind & the freezing cold. We got about 20 miles in when Nick had a puncture (got to try my new CO2 pump, so I was happy!). Another 10 miles in & it was goodnight Vienna for Nick. Whilst changing down gear he ripped his rear derailed clean off the bracket & it is now knackered!!

Sandra & I did the decent thing & left him after calling the back up car to come & get him. We soldiered on & clearly for leaving Nick the gods were against us. The rain & wind got heavier. We started at the bottom of the climb to Black-gang Chime & we had a tail wind & as I was going up the climb I was changing up through the gears. This changed as we reached the top, when the head wind was then against us & how did that stay with us. By this time we were soaked, I had lost the feeling in my fingers & my lips were suffering cyanosis (turning blue). We carried on the route & found a pub. We decided that as no lives depended on us finishing we would go back to our hotel & get warm. We did manage 53 miles & as the cycle route round the island is so well posted WE WILL RETURN & finish it!!

Day 2 a wet, windy & cold day....... miserable!!