27 April 2010

Day 2 of Boot Camp

Sandra, Neal & I were joined by Chris today & we drove out to Dunster Castle to start our circular route up & over Exmoor. I wish someone could explain how a we can cycle a circular route & always seem go cycling uphill??

It's a hard ride, the first 17 miles are up hill onto Exmoor, we then cycled across the moor. The weather was a vast improvement on the howling wind we had last year, it was sunny, windless & hot. We went across the plateau of Exmoor at over 30 miles an hour. We then descended in Lynmouth. Had a lovely cup of tea & then oh dear........Connisborough Hill. It's about a 2 mile climb & the bottom 400 yards are about 23%......... Killer

We then cycled along the coast road steadily climbing for another 600 feet, the descent down Porlock Hill is 'interesting'. A mile of fast switchbacks....... don't think I've gripped the saddle so tightly!!

The last 10 miles back to Dunster were fairly uneventful, except for the nasty head wind for the last mile.

On reflection, the new bike, weight loss & improved fitness meant that we were nearly 2 miles an quicker round the whole route. We averaged 10.7 mph, which is a reflection on how hilly it is. My maximum pulse reached 100% again. So looking forward to tomorrow & some fast flat days!!

Our palmar├Ęs!!

There seems to be no downhill!!!

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