26 April 2010

Day 1 of Boot Camp

Dear all,

Now the weather has turned, Sandra & I have driven down to Neal's for a 3 day boot camp up & over Exmoor. We had a good but hilly ride today, covering the same circuit that we had previously done back in November. It hasn't got any easier, but I am pleased to say we were 15 minutes quicker over the 50 mile route. I know that that's not a fantastic difference, but as Tesco say 'Every little helps!'

The Route, oh how I just love those hills

My heart rate topped out at 190bpm, which is at least 10bpm too much!

The ride got off to an amusing start(for Sandra & I). Neal didn't even clear the drive before he fell off. He had what is referred to in cycling circles as a clip-less moment & was left lying in the road like a turtle that had been placed upside down on it's shell. We didn't mention it (much) & Neal excelled himself again going up a hill when he fell off. He did remain upright for the rest of the ride though.

The ride it self was challenging, the hills of Exmoor are brutal & as you pound up them your legs are full of lactic acid & the pain is almost unbearable. The worst climb by far was almost a mile long to Rayliegh's Cross. My satnav records the % of the climb & it varied between 12 & 23%. It took me over 20 minutes to cycle it!!

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