13 March 2010

Nine years today

Dear all

I sometimes wonder why I have put myself through 3 years of misery to continue to cycle from one end of the country to the other?

Today was a timely reminder as it's 9 years today that Tony Hanies died responding to a domestic call, when the car he was driving wishbone snapped going over a pot hole, putting the car into an uncontrollable spin

Pc Tony Haines 415RG

As ever this year I shall be raising funds for COPS (Care of Police Survivors) in memory of Tony & also my dear friend Chris Jefford who died of a brain tumour just over 4 years ago.

I have just been away in St Lucia for 10 days & I am still waiting to try my new bike, but the weather finally looks like it may have turned a corner, so hopefully soon I'll give it a ride!

The spinning continues, I am finding it increasingly difficult to get my heart rate above 90% of my maximum now. My resting pulse is now down below 50 beats per minute. My blood pressure is also down & the weight is still coming off slowly & I'm hoping to be around 15 stone when I start the ride this year.

Heart Rate download from todays 2 hour spin session

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Roy said...

Nice post, Phil.