21 March 2010

First one of 2010

Sandra & I managed to actually get out on our bikes today for the first time this year. We did one of our regular 38 mile training routes up & over the North Downs of Kent.

We left mine at 8.30 this morning & we were flying!!

I tried my new bike for the first time today & I was very impressed, it handled like a dream & although the saddle looked like a razor blade it is comfortable to sit on!!

We were a lot faster over the route than normal, all the fitness training I have been doing coupled with the weight loss have helped....... Bring on Devon & Cornwall!!

It felt so good actually being on the bike today & it must be nearly 3 months since I managed to ride on the roads; winter seems to have lasted forever. I am hopeful that all the dreaded cold weather is behind me & I can get out every weekend & start to increase the distances I am doing.

On a brighter note, I was cycling up through Swanley & my mate Clive drove passed & he knew it was me & he'd only seen my from behind. Can't work this one out!!??

38 hilly miles!!

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