30 March 2010

Back to training

Dear all

I've never had flu before, bad colds yes, flu no. God it was miserable, I was in bed for 3 days & just about all my joints & everything ached. So the end result was I have done nothing for nearly a week now.

However feeling much better now & have started back down the gym. I have been pushing myself on the spin classes to regain my fitnesses. In the past 2 days I have spun for getting on for 5 hours & burnt somewhere in the region of 3400 calories. Tonight I actually pushed myself on a sprint & got my heart rate up to 190 beats per minute, which equates to 105% of my maximum!!

My heart rate download for nights 2hr25min spin class. My sustained sprint at the end where my heart rate went to 105%........ thanks Debbie, she wanted us to cycle 4km in 6 mins... I did & was the only one in the class!!

Other news, Sandra & I are off to Devon again for a 3 day 'boot' camp on the 26/27/28 April. Some tough days in the saddle ahead! We are also joining a few other people to cycle round the Isle of Wight in May. I shall soon be sitting down & working how many weekends before the ride I can get away with doing sportives (Don't tell the Soup Dragon!!)

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