3 February 2010

10 hours in 2 days!

Dear all

The weather is hopefully clearing & I should soon be able to get out & do some road miles. I must admit it will be nice to feel the elements on the body as I cycle through the rolling countryside of Kent. I intent to concentrate on the North Downs to practice hill climbing in preparation for Devon & Cornwall.

As the weather has been that bad I have taken to doing double spin classes at the gym. Monday night I did 3 hours, last night was 3 hours & this morning I did 4 hours. My legs feel remarkably well considering it was 10 hours of high aerobic classes. This also is having the knock on effect of helping lose weight. I have lost half a stone in the past 2 weeks.

Should hopefully get my new bike ordered in the next few weeks & then I spend all waking moments cycling!!


Roy said...

Well done Phil on your weight loss. An excellent achievement.

Welna said...

Well done on the weight loss AND persistance! Blogging question: How did you get the training data gadget on the right hand side? I would love to post my training data too but don't seem to find a gadget that suits.