21 February 2010

My new baby

Woo hoo, my new bike has arrived!!

15 February 2010

Evans cycles.......hmmmmmmm

Dear all

Rant time!! It's official Evans Cycles are useless tosspots who couldn't organise a p%*s up in a brewery. They were supposed to be getting my Roubaix in 2 weeks ago & where the f*^k is it??? Perhaps it's with Shergar in Atlantis being test ridden by Elvis? I so wish my employer would go with someone else for the Ride to Work Scheme.

The weather is also getting on my nerves, it's been nearly 2 months of freezing cold miserable weather & I so want to get out & get some miles in my legs. I'm spinning as often as I can, but this doesn't really help for road riding.

The swimming before work continues as does the body pump classes when I can fit them in. The combined effort is that I have lost nearly 2 stones & remarkable as it seems my cycle clothes are getting lose, well OK that's probably an exaggeration, not as tight is more the phrase I am looking for!

As soon as I ever get my bike, I shall be down to Neals for some hill riding over Exmoor to get used to my new beast.

On other news, I must be getting fitter (OK I know I am, my resting pulse is now around 47/48 bpm). I am finding it increasingly difficult to get my heart rate above 90% of my maximum & I am also burning less calories per hour in my spin classes. This must mean my body is working more effectively & efficiently, which I am hoping to test when I climb Wrotham Hill next, to see how much quicker I can ascend it & also if I can use a higher gear?

I do need better weather for this!!

This is me in the gym after 2 hours, my heart beat was about 171bpm when my mate Glen took this!

2010 the year of pain!!

3 February 2010

10 hours in 2 days!

Dear all

The weather is hopefully clearing & I should soon be able to get out & do some road miles. I must admit it will be nice to feel the elements on the body as I cycle through the rolling countryside of Kent. I intent to concentrate on the North Downs to practice hill climbing in preparation for Devon & Cornwall.

As the weather has been that bad I have taken to doing double spin classes at the gym. Monday night I did 3 hours, last night was 3 hours & this morning I did 4 hours. My legs feel remarkably well considering it was 10 hours of high aerobic classes. This also is having the knock on effect of helping lose weight. I have lost half a stone in the past 2 weeks.

Should hopefully get my new bike ordered in the next few weeks & then I spend all waking moments cycling!!