19 January 2010

The pain continues

Dear Reader

The bad weather has curtailed my cycling into work, however I plan to be back on it from next week. I have however upped the amount of time I spend spinning & also the classes. Mondays & Tuesdays I now do double classes & spin for around 3 hours now at a time. My old mate Glen is with me & the time does fly bye.

I am also now finding it harder to get my pulse above my 'maximum' of 181 beats per minute, but I am however able to sustain a higher heart rate for a longer period of time. This means my endurance is increasing & I must be getting fitter?? I will let you know on the 31st when I cycle the Hell of Ashdown!

My 3 hour work out Monday

Only managed a meagre 2hours & 45 mins!!

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