24 January 2010

Body Pump added to the regime

Dear all

Much to my better judgement I have now added body pump 3 times a week to my training. I blame Linda from the gym for bullying me into doing it!! For those of you unaware it's a fitness workout to music with a weight training bar where you target certain muscle areas. First time I did it was fine, but my god how I ached the following day!!

On other news I am ordering my new bike on Tuesday, so hopefully should have that in the next few weeks, which I am hoping with coincide with an up turn in the weather?

Next Sunday the first ride of the year & it's a gentle one to break us in.... the Hell of Ashdown. It's only 65 miles but we climb somewhere in the region of 6,000ft & having been over some of these hills they are not slow gradual climbs...... bugger!!

It is my intention when I get my new bike to go to Neal & spend 3 days getting used to it up & over Exmoor & Dartmoor. It's savage terrain, but that's what I need

Have I mentioned 12 stone by Xmas!!

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