2 January 2010

2010 the year of pain

Hi all

I have decided that this is definitely the last year I am doing LEJOG. Not because of the actual ride, it's the fact I use half my annual leave entitlement on the ride & I so need a foreign holiday!! I love the ride, the companionship & more important the good fun we have!

I am just waiting for my voucher to come through at work & I shall be ordering my Specialised Roubaix bike

My new baby!!

The training is going well for the early part of the season, I am still swimming every morning on my way into work for 45 mins & have been using my old Cannondale Bad-boy to cycle in. It's only a 12 mile round trip, but I do have a nice 3 mile climb coming home!!

I have decided that 2010 really must be the year of pain to make Devon & Cornwall bearable, as often as I can I plan to get out & continually cycle the North & South Downs in a massive effort to increase my effectiveness over these hills. I have to resign myself to the fact that I am no Michael Rasmussen & tend to climb more like Chippo or Tom Boonan!! (If you don't follow cycling, the first is like a mountain goat & goes up them about as quick as a rat come out of drainpipe! & the last 2 are sprinters who struggle over them)

I am away next weekend, but after that I am de-toxing big time, being careful what calories I consume & pushing myself to burn more!!

On the Summer solstice I am looking at seeing how far I can cycle in day light between sunrise at 04:32 & sunset at 21:40...... should be fun, are you up for it??!!!

I plan to be 12 stone by Christmas & Happy New Year!!

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Welna said...

Very nice bike! I recently bought a Vita Sport for my LEJOG which is coming up in June 2010. Fabulous bikes. You are doing well, keep it up.