18 July 2010

Change of Focus

Dear all

Thanks for following my blog over the past few years & thanks especially for the people who have sponsored me. With your help I have raised somewhere near to £15,000 for a variety of good causes..... thanks very much.

I am now hanging my bike up & am now concentrating on running as I am doing the New York Marathon in November 2010 & the London Marathon in April 2011

I now have a new blogsite where you can follow my training & even sponsor me!!

12 July 2010

Some photographic Memories of the trip

The Zen Art of Banzai!!

3rd and possibly the final time

Dear all

Now finally have some time to reflect on what I've achieved now for the third year running & had the same enjoyment I've had over previous years & must thank Carole for driving, Neal, Rae & Si for their riding company. We had at least one really good deep belly laugh everyday & will miss their company.

We were so lucky with the weather, it rained for 1 day between Gretna & Kilmarnock. This was the severe weather warning we rode through, with gail force winds & localised flooding. We were cycling up one particular hill & I was following Si, his bike was leant over to about 60 degrees just to prevent the wind from blowing him across the road. All I could hear was Rae giggling to himself behind me!!

Day 1 started well, we left Lands End in glorious weather, which did stay with us nearly all the way. There were no dramas to report on day 1 & how we all loved the climb to the hotel at St Austell. It's about a 3 mile climb & is so steep in places when you push down on the pedal the front wheel comes off the ground. My pulse reached 102% of my maximum

Day 2 is the hardest of all the days & includes the lengthy 17 mile climb onto Dartmoor. It's energy sapping, you get a build up of lactic acid in your legs & your thighs are on fire. It was this day that the Zen Art of Banzai started. Rules are simple, you creep up on another ride & go passed them at speed & scream Banzai in their ears. If they jump you win. Very childish, but keep the interest going & more importantly from a safety factor meant you were looking behind you more often to see who's creeping up on you. Didn't stop me being the victim of a 3 man drive by banzaing though!!. Just before the climb one of my spoke loosened it's self & Si managed to straighten the wheel a little to enable me to get over Dartmoor. The cry of 'Woodpecker' was heard as we passed over the cattle grids (Email me if you want to know why!). Finished in Exeter this day

Day 3 started with the rather flat boring days up the East side of England. There were a few hills, but nothing compared to the savage hills of Dartmoor. This is where I chased Neal down for about 3 miles to Banzai him, I was doing almost 30 mph when I caught him & managed to capture the moment on my headcam. This days has probably the worst climb of all, the step mile one to Bristol Airport. Killer!!

Day 4 was another flat day. We worked as a train, with one person on the front for a few miles & then they peel off to the rear & the number 2 takes over. We covered 40 miles in a little under 2 hours doing this & there wasn't much time for Banzaing!! Neal & Si did pass me & both squirted their waterbottles into my face. Neal didn't laugh so much when I emptied almost a whole bottle of drink into his right ear!! We finished at Worcester.

Day 5 was another flat & fast day, where nothing much happened, we stayed in Crewe

Day 6 we were joined by Si's Uncle Pete, who cycled in the last 35 miles with us to Lancaster, a real gentleman & nice bloke. Again another flat & fast day.

Day 7 was the day I threw my teddies out of the pram. I have the route programmed into my satnav so lead the way out of Lancaster & through the back roads until Kendal. The others followed me in a train for about 6 or 7 miles. We then reached the dual carriageway & I dropped to the back. My downfall was my pulse was at 95% as I did this & I needed time to recover. However when you get to the front your immediate reaction is to speed up, which Neal did (you do it unintentionally). I then spent about 2 miles trying to breach the 60 yard gap that the others had on me & couldn't. I was so pissed off by this that I then embarked on a 70 mile solo break for Gretna in Scotland. I powered my way up the legendary climb of Shap Pass & reached Gretna. I had passed Carole checking into the hotel as I had gone through Carlisle, so I knew or thought she would be there the meet me...... wrong!! Si had suffered a mechanical & she had gone back to him with the spare bike. Nice a 16 mile solo ride back to the hotel!!

Day 8 What a difference a day makes, we had fantastic weather all week & my good the BBC got it right with their sever weather warning for Scotland. We left Gretna in our train into a strong headwind, with torrential rain. Out came the sealskinz socks & waterproof overshoes!! The wind was by far the worst aspect. It's just energy sapping continually trying to fight with the bike as side winds are pounding you. As I mentioned earlier Si was leaning over to about 60 degrees just to be able to cycle forward!! We stopped in a one horse town for lunch & when we came out the sun had almost come out. This stopped about 2 miles down the road when the hail storm started & Neal & I sort sanctuary behind a road sign to get some cover. Had a great meal with Christine & Stu in Kilmarnock..... thanks guys!!

Day 9 We cycled through the country lanes to Glasgow, across the Erskine Bridge & onto the highlands of Scotland. My left knee was suffering & I told the others to go & I would make my own way, which I did getting to the end some 10 mins behind them.

Day 10 We went over the highlands of Scotland, still with a strong side wind. I had told them all about the fast 6 mile descent off Glen Coe & how much we were all looking forward to it. We breached the apex of the climb & about to start our descent & straight into a bloody headwind where we had to pedal to go downhill..... what's that all about???

Day 11 We left Fort Augustus & cycled about 4 miles along Loch Ness (no didn't see her!) & the road was shut. A lorry had overturned & caught fire shedding it's load all over the road. We managed to blag our way through the police cordon & were off!!! We decided to make as much progress as possible to be able to have a relatively short last day. We stopped at Golspie only leaving us 68 miles on the last day!!

Day 12 We were blessed with a tail wind & after we had climbed Helmsdale & Berriedale the rest was a breeze. We arrived at John O'Groats at about 4pm. Carole drenched us with champagne which wasn't the only alcohol we had that day!!

Great fun as always & to wind down I cycles 104 miles 2 days after we finished with my dear friend Nikki!!

10 July 2010


Hiya all

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I refuse to pay Premier Inns to use their wireless network, when they block my BT bluetooth dongle

We made it OK & am now back at home I will post some pictures & a write up in the week. I'm off to bed as I've got the Surrey 100 miler in the morning!!!

1 July 2010

Day 5

Dear all,

Now in Crewe after travelling 79 miles from Worcester. The rain was on & off all day, & got hot taking on & of my rain mac.

Off to Lancaster tomorrow & then into Scotland for some deep fried Mars Bars!!

30 June 2010

Day 4

We are now in Worcester having cycled what I think is the best day I have ever spent in the saddle. We left Bristol & for the first 10 miles the Banzaing continued. I was the victim of a 3 man ride by banzaing!!

We then got onto the A38 & the serious riding began. We soon got ourselves organised into a 4 man echelon each taking turns to pull at the front for a few miles & we covered the next 40 miles in a little under 2 hours. We were cycling at Gas Mark 6!!

We slowed down towards the end & the new game of soaking the person that you overtake with you bidon. Great weather, great fun & great company!!

29 June 2010

Day 3

Now in Bristol having covered 77 miles today

It was a good day, with fast flat roads. Managed to banzia Neal a few times & have one on my headcam, which I'll post when I get home

Still restricted to using my iPhone for these updates & the bloody predictive text is a pain & I can't change my spelling or grammatical errors until get to a real computer!!

28 June 2010

Day 2

What can I say, 76 miles of hell!!

We started well at speed, Neal had an interesting moment near the Eden Project, we were going down a steep hill & he went to brake & his handle bars came loose! The phrase was 'smell it I'm sitting in it'!!

Pretty uneventful until about 1 mile from the worst climb of the day, when my rear wheel buckled. Rollocks is a phrase that sprang to mind!! Si did his best & managed to get it less bent!!

We then started the energy sapping climb onto Dartmoor, boy was I glad when I'd reached the top. My pulse maxed out at 99% so clearly I wasn't trying hard enough!!

Got to Exeter & we were 2 hours quicker than last year, have to be happy with that!!

Off to Bristol tomorrow, only 76 miles but sadly rain is forecast

27 June 2010

Day 1

Day 1 done, covered the 58 miles to St Austell in blazing sun & on a windless day. Off to tackle the climbing onto Dartmoor, how am I looking forward to that!!

Sorry about the post, restricted to using my iPhone, it would appear Premier Inn's block my BT dongle to enable me to use my macbook

26 June 2010

D day!

All the training is done, all the miles now behind me.. My bike has been serviced & I now just want to get on the road & start cycling!!

I will update this as often as I can (pictures & SATNAV downloads may have to wait until I get home), but please look in if you are able.

I will also be updating my FACEBOOK page on a more regular bases, as I know Neal & Si will be. If you are on FB, then add me as a friend if not, you should be it is the 21st century after all!!

Back in 2 weeks!!

20 June 2010

Day well spent

Rode for the last time yesterday over a very hilly 55 mile route, with Toby, Tom & Ginga. It was made harder because of the constant head wind. I still fail to see how I can cycle a circular route & always be going into a headwind??

Our route

I never realised I looked so good from behind!!

17 June 2010

Last ride before the off

On Saturday I shall be doing my last ride before I service my bike & get ready for departing the following weekend. It's now into single figures & I just want to get going now!! The route I have devised is a hilly (they always are living near to the North Downs) but does have some fast flat bits.

I'm being joined by a few friends & just want to get another 50 miles into my legs & saddle area!!

13 June 2010

Great Kent Ride

Today was a good day, I was joined by Si & Rae who are doing LEJOG, & 2 friends from the gym Kerry & Joe. Lastly we were joined by Helen who I work with. Helen has never attempted anything over 15 miles before so a 57 mile ride is challenging at best.

We set off & soon made our way to the flat fast marshes of Kent & it stayed billiard table flat for nearly 30 miles. There was very little wind & the sun was up & shining. You can certainly see why Kent is called the garden of England..... it was a great day, with great company. Helen does deserve special mention, she is lovely woman who I work with & I like to think of her as a little old fashioned & qwerky (in a nice way). She took this old fashioned persona I have of her, by arriving for the ride on a bike that weighed about as much as a three story house & I think was first ridden by Moses? Needless to say she had to fight all the way round, but my god she did well.... chapeau to you Helen, you should be proud of yourself. I am taking her shopping in the next few weeks to buy a road bike with her.

20 miles done & a well deserved cup of 'nato standard' tea

Kerry climbing one of the few hills of today (16% at the bottom)

Simon & Helen getting ready to level off. This climb came as a shock after 27 miles of billiard table flat

Bumped into a friend at the pub!
The end, 57.4 miles & a great day

The flat route!!

Last word must go to Helen....... chapeau xx

7 June 2010

Norwich 100 miler

Sunday was another big day, we decided to do the Norwich 100 miler, which as it's name suggests is in Norwich & surprisingly is 100 miles!! We did it last year & it was truely miserable, it poured down with rain & we had a really strong headwind. This year it was so different, hardly a breath in the air & it was dry until the last 5 miles.

Norfolk is far from flat!

Our 99.4 mile route

It was a good ride with good friends, I had a slow puncture for about 10 miles & had to stop & pump the tyre up about 4 times, I eventually changed the inner-tube, but the problem persisted & I ended up buying a new rear tyre at the checkpoint. Overall I was satisfied with the day especially when we average 3mph quicker over the same route than last year

3 June 2010

The North Downs

Oh dear is a good starting point for this!!

Took the day off & Gav & I decided to do our 40 mile route in reverse. We climbed for the first 10 miles to Pollhill, where we had a cup of tea & a bacon sarnie. The plan was the to go down Pollhill & then through Dunton Green. However I have heard so much about Star Hill & we decided to give it a go....... easy!! only 12% in places & actually a nice climb.

Feeling a little braver, we decided to have a stab at Westerham Hill.......... oh dear. A fairly gentle start to the climb, pass the juction of Pilgrims Way & bang it was like cycling up a brick wall, 29% was the maximum gradiant I recorded on my twatnav. The only good thing it was then 14 miles downhill, which we did at over 30mph in places.

Just to cap the day off, span for 2 hours & did an hour of Marcia's core conditioning!!

We seemed to climb the whole day??

30 May 2010

Sussex/Surrey scramble

Today was a BIG challenge in many ways; it's the first long distance ride I have done (80 miles plus) since I did LEJOG last year & here I am less than 4 weeks away from starting it again. The terrain was also a big consideration, normally when I have done longer rides they are not over the North or South Downs!!. The hills were energy sapping & demanding. The climb to Goodwood hit 24% (1:4) & was painful. Lactic acid was burning my thighs & when I pushed down on the pedal the front wheel was coming off the ground......... epic!!

It was the first ride that I have done by wiggle & I was certainly impressed. I have done loads with bike-events.co.uk & they are very good, however the wiggle ones are for 'proper' cyclists & not hackers like Sandra & I........ it was the first ride we have done & NOT overtaken anyone!! In hindsight though it was a great day, the weather was fantastic & we averaged 13.8mph, which was good as we hoping to beat 13!!

Our palmarès

This is screaming out caption competition........ Prize f0r the winner!!

I nearly forgot to mention Sandra's cyclocross incident, we were cycling along side by side chatting away & she turned to me & said "it's lovely" just as we went round a right hand bend, she then manages to leave the roadway & end up on the verge. She kept shouting out for a truck, but I couldn't see one. Fortunately she was OK, but her pulse did go to 170bpm from 100!!

23 May 2010

Summer is finally here, lets hope it stays!!

Is the summer finally here?? Lets just hope it stays until I at least get to Glencoe (I've said jokingly that I will continue to do LEJOG every year until I see it in the sun!!)

Been out the last couple of days, doing my all to familiar training ride up & over Wrotham Hill, Borough Green & back up Pollhill. On Saturday I was joined by a couple of spinning partners from the gym (Ross & Toby) & we had a good ride in perfect weather.

Sunday, I was joined by Sandra & we decided to do our circular route the other way round. The first 10 miles are a steady climb (not too step), before the fast descent into Dunton Green. This is then followed by undulating roads until you get to the climb I was dreading which is up to the top of Wrotham Hill. It's about a mile & I was worried, I come down it at 45 mph & I was convinced that I may not even get up it. How wrong was I. Not only did I not have to come off the middle ring on the front, I overtook another cyclist, yes you didn't misread that I OVERTOOK ANOTHER CYCLIST ON A HILL...!! We also average our best speed yet for this route, albeit the first time we did it this way!!

Sunday, the 'wrong way' round!

Saturday's stats

The legendary climb up Wrotham Hill where I got the polka dot jersey!!

16 May 2010

The Tour of Tendring

Dear all

I was again joined by Sandra as we left home at 6.30am to drive to Dovercourt (Harwich) to complete in our first organised ride of the year called the Tour of Tendring. It was a circular route over some very fast & predominately flat roads (There were a couple of little hills, but nothing really of any note). We were fortunate with the weather (a unique experience for us this year!) & the rain stayed away until we had loaded the bikes on the roof of the car & were driving home. There was a strong headwind that seemed to follow us everywhere, but we just put our heads down & powered our way round. It was the fastest long ride we have done, covering the 48 miles in 2hrs 51 mins, which equated to 16.7mph. About 3mph quicker than we normally average. If we hadn't had the headwind for the majority of the ride I would think our average would have been well over 18mph........ great roads!!

Another well organised ride by www.bike-events.com

Download from my SATNAV via Garmin Connect

Download via Trialrunner

I have been asked by a few poeple how I am able to download my pulse monitor etc & produce them as JPEG's. Quite simple really I don't have a polar pulse monitor, nothing wrong with them, however nearly everyone at my gym does & you get bleed over between them. I have a Garmin, which also links into my SATNAV. The Garmin comes with a USB dongle that automatically downloads the info from my watch onto my Imac. As I don't have a PC & am very much a MAC convert, I use a free program called TrailRunner to produce the maps (I don't think it's available for PC's??)

Got a certificate for finishing!!

10 May 2010

London Marathon now

The spinning is very much continuing now, & Sunday I am doing another long cycle ride. Went to the gym today & the instructor didn't come, so I decided to do a quick 50 km sprint, which took me 1 hour, 25 mins & 23 secs.

Hard work, but satisfying

Other news, I have now entered the London Marathon in 2011, best I get out running soon!!

6 May 2010

New York Marathon

Dear all

Again I received some good news today that I am now doing the New York Marathon on the 7th November ..... woohoo!!!

The cycle training is continuing in earnest & I am still at the gym nearly every night of the week. I am finding it increasing more difficult to get my heart rate up to my maximum & I am noticing that it returns to normal a lot quicker which is encouraging!

I will be running the marathon again for COPS & don't worry you will receive an email!!

3 May 2010

The misery of the Isle of Wight

Sandra & I were joined by some new people as we cycled round the Isle of Wight, these were Tessa & Nick.

On Saturday we went & did a 41 mile ride across the middle of the island & then down along the sound west coast, up & over Ventnor & then back to the capital Newport where we were staying. The sun shone & it was marvellous.

Team Madras at the start

Halfway round (Fish suppers all round)

At the end, waiting for the key-holder to come back!

Day 1 & you'd be surprised how hilly the Isle of Wight is?

Day 2....... oh dear where do I start???

Tessa didn't join us as she injured herself the day before, we left Newport in the howling wind & rain & then checked in at Cowes. We then started on the course to cycle round the Island. It was a good ride, except for the rain, wind & the freezing cold. We got about 20 miles in when Nick had a puncture (got to try my new CO2 pump, so I was happy!). Another 10 miles in & it was goodnight Vienna for Nick. Whilst changing down gear he ripped his rear derailed clean off the bracket & it is now knackered!!

Sandra & I did the decent thing & left him after calling the back up car to come & get him. We soldiered on & clearly for leaving Nick the gods were against us. The rain & wind got heavier. We started at the bottom of the climb to Black-gang Chime & we had a tail wind & as I was going up the climb I was changing up through the gears. This changed as we reached the top, when the head wind was then against us & how did that stay with us. By this time we were soaked, I had lost the feeling in my fingers & my lips were suffering cyanosis (turning blue). We carried on the route & found a pub. We decided that as no lives depended on us finishing we would go back to our hotel & get warm. We did manage 53 miles & as the cycle route round the island is so well posted WE WILL RETURN & finish it!!

Day 2 a wet, windy & cold day....... miserable!!

29 April 2010

Biggin Hill and back

My mother is still in hospital & seems to be making steady progress which is good news, I was intending on cycling to Folkestone today, but because of her current state I don't want to be too far away, Sandra, Gav & I cycled a route I last did back in July before LEJOG last year. It's a nice route, up & over Biggin Hill, along the valley & back up Pollhill. I was amazed when we got back to mine & when I downloaded my satnav, we were a staggering 15 minutes quicker than last time.

Can't believe how flat that looks, trust me it isn't!

That's more like it!!

We have decided now that we must try & get this below 2 hours, which means we have to shave another 6 mins off our time.

28 April 2010

Day 3 cancelled

Dear all

Sadly Day 3 got cancelled, my Mother was taken into hospital & has been admitted & a big thank you to Sandra for driving me back

I did speak to Neal & Chris & they did the 70 miles today in about 5 hours......chapeau!!

27 April 2010

Day 2 of Boot Camp

Sandra, Neal & I were joined by Chris today & we drove out to Dunster Castle to start our circular route up & over Exmoor. I wish someone could explain how a we can cycle a circular route & always seem go cycling uphill??

It's a hard ride, the first 17 miles are up hill onto Exmoor, we then cycled across the moor. The weather was a vast improvement on the howling wind we had last year, it was sunny, windless & hot. We went across the plateau of Exmoor at over 30 miles an hour. We then descended in Lynmouth. Had a lovely cup of tea & then oh dear........Connisborough Hill. It's about a 2 mile climb & the bottom 400 yards are about 23%......... Killer

We then cycled along the coast road steadily climbing for another 600 feet, the descent down Porlock Hill is 'interesting'. A mile of fast switchbacks....... don't think I've gripped the saddle so tightly!!

The last 10 miles back to Dunster were fairly uneventful, except for the nasty head wind for the last mile.

On reflection, the new bike, weight loss & improved fitness meant that we were nearly 2 miles an quicker round the whole route. We averaged 10.7 mph, which is a reflection on how hilly it is. My maximum pulse reached 100% again. So looking forward to tomorrow & some fast flat days!!

Our palmarès!!

There seems to be no downhill!!!

26 April 2010

Day 1 of Boot Camp

Dear all,

Now the weather has turned, Sandra & I have driven down to Neal's for a 3 day boot camp up & over Exmoor. We had a good but hilly ride today, covering the same circuit that we had previously done back in November. It hasn't got any easier, but I am pleased to say we were 15 minutes quicker over the 50 mile route. I know that that's not a fantastic difference, but as Tesco say 'Every little helps!'

The Route, oh how I just love those hills

My heart rate topped out at 190bpm, which is at least 10bpm too much!

The ride got off to an amusing start(for Sandra & I). Neal didn't even clear the drive before he fell off. He had what is referred to in cycling circles as a clip-less moment & was left lying in the road like a turtle that had been placed upside down on it's shell. We didn't mention it (much) & Neal excelled himself again going up a hill when he fell off. He did remain upright for the rest of the ride though.

The ride it self was challenging, the hills of Exmoor are brutal & as you pound up them your legs are full of lactic acid & the pain is almost unbearable. The worst climb by far was almost a mile long to Rayliegh's Cross. My satnav records the % of the climb & it varied between 12 & 23%. It took me over 20 minutes to cycle it!!

18 April 2010

I love my new bike!

Wow, is all I can say!! Sandra, Gav & I went out over one of our familiar training rides today & we shaved a full 2 minutes off our best time!! Woohoo, gotta love the good weather & company.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Gav is fuelled by corned beef & pickle sandwiches & I was in France yesterday & perhaps "les escargots" are the way forward???

My secret weapon??

The food of champions, corned beef & pickle sarnies!!

It was a great ride today, the weather was fantastic & the company of Gav & Sandra is always welcomed. I've only got 2 months to go now & so need to up the anti in my training. Monday week Sandra is joining me to Neals for some serious hills. We are spending 3 days in Devon & will cycle around 240 hilly miles.....2010 the year of pain!!

The new bike is going like a dream & I am contemplating what to call her, she deserves a name & I am open to suggestions!!

Our palmarès!!

14 April 2010

Spring at last!

Well about time is all I can say! The winter, rain & everything the almighty could throw at me to keep me off the bike has finally now gone. I've been cycling to work again & it feels so good being in the saddle again.

The sportive rides will soon be starting soon & I'm looking forward to cycling all over the home counties for fun with my mates. Love the endorphins when they kick in, a real natural high.

This Sunday doing the usual training ride with Sandra, Gav & may be joined by some new people...... watch this space.

Last week in May I'm off & cycling for 8 consecutive days. Plan to spend at least 6 hours a day in the saddle. Off to Exmoor for the first 3 days, then home & then off to the Isle of Wight for another 3 days cycling..... how long will it take to circumnavigate the IoW..... it's about 65 miles, so I would think about 4 hours??

Looking forward to next year, doing coast to coast & another 2 friends want to have a crack at some serious climbs in the Alps or the Pyrenees: The names being mentioned are L'Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux, Le Tourmalet or Le Galibier.

To put this into some perspective, depending on which website you read the king of L'Alpe d'Huez is either the late great Marco Pantini or Lance Armstrong. Both did the 10 mile climb in around 36 mins. I will be happy to do it in less than 3 hours, which will mean me being well & truely in my red zone for the duration with my pulse around 90 - 100% of my maximum...... I must be bloody mad!!

30 March 2010

Back to training

Dear all

I've never had flu before, bad colds yes, flu no. God it was miserable, I was in bed for 3 days & just about all my joints & everything ached. So the end result was I have done nothing for nearly a week now.

However feeling much better now & have started back down the gym. I have been pushing myself on the spin classes to regain my fitnesses. In the past 2 days I have spun for getting on for 5 hours & burnt somewhere in the region of 3400 calories. Tonight I actually pushed myself on a sprint & got my heart rate up to 190 beats per minute, which equates to 105% of my maximum!!

My heart rate download for nights 2hr25min spin class. My sustained sprint at the end where my heart rate went to 105%........ thanks Debbie, she wanted us to cycle 4km in 6 mins... I did & was the only one in the class!!

Other news, Sandra & I are off to Devon again for a 3 day 'boot' camp on the 26/27/28 April. Some tough days in the saddle ahead! We are also joining a few other people to cycle round the Isle of Wight in May. I shall soon be sitting down & working how many weekends before the ride I can get away with doing sportives (Don't tell the Soup Dragon!!)

25 March 2010

Man Flu

Dear all

After last Sundays ride, I felt on top of the world. It was fantastic getting out on my new bike & had great company of Sandra with me. How that changed on Monday, when I woke up with Man Flu, not any old flu but MANFLU.

Men will realise how serious this is & woman will not. The end result is I have done no spin classes or any fitnesses training all week & probably will do nothing until until next Monday when I am hoping to start swimming & cycling again before & into work.

I have now booked the Ferry & the hotel for the Isle of Wight cycle ride in May. I am looking forward to this & many others that I am hoping to do. I shall shortly be booking the hotels for LEJOG

21 March 2010

First one of 2010

Sandra & I managed to actually get out on our bikes today for the first time this year. We did one of our regular 38 mile training routes up & over the North Downs of Kent.

We left mine at 8.30 this morning & we were flying!!

I tried my new bike for the first time today & I was very impressed, it handled like a dream & although the saddle looked like a razor blade it is comfortable to sit on!!

We were a lot faster over the route than normal, all the fitness training I have been doing coupled with the weight loss have helped....... Bring on Devon & Cornwall!!

It felt so good actually being on the bike today & it must be nearly 3 months since I managed to ride on the roads; winter seems to have lasted forever. I am hopeful that all the dreaded cold weather is behind me & I can get out every weekend & start to increase the distances I am doing.

On a brighter note, I was cycling up through Swanley & my mate Clive drove passed & he knew it was me & he'd only seen my from behind. Can't work this one out!!??

38 hilly miles!!

13 March 2010

Nine years today

Dear all

I sometimes wonder why I have put myself through 3 years of misery to continue to cycle from one end of the country to the other?

Today was a timely reminder as it's 9 years today that Tony Hanies died responding to a domestic call, when the car he was driving wishbone snapped going over a pot hole, putting the car into an uncontrollable spin

Pc Tony Haines 415RG

As ever this year I shall be raising funds for COPS (Care of Police Survivors) in memory of Tony & also my dear friend Chris Jefford who died of a brain tumour just over 4 years ago.

I have just been away in St Lucia for 10 days & I am still waiting to try my new bike, but the weather finally looks like it may have turned a corner, so hopefully soon I'll give it a ride!

The spinning continues, I am finding it increasingly difficult to get my heart rate above 90% of my maximum now. My resting pulse is now down below 50 beats per minute. My blood pressure is also down & the weight is still coming off slowly & I'm hoping to be around 15 stone when I start the ride this year.

Heart Rate download from todays 2 hour spin session

21 February 2010

My new baby

Woo hoo, my new bike has arrived!!

15 February 2010

Evans cycles.......hmmmmmmm

Dear all

Rant time!! It's official Evans Cycles are useless tosspots who couldn't organise a p%*s up in a brewery. They were supposed to be getting my Roubaix in 2 weeks ago & where the f*^k is it??? Perhaps it's with Shergar in Atlantis being test ridden by Elvis? I so wish my employer would go with someone else for the Ride to Work Scheme.

The weather is also getting on my nerves, it's been nearly 2 months of freezing cold miserable weather & I so want to get out & get some miles in my legs. I'm spinning as often as I can, but this doesn't really help for road riding.

The swimming before work continues as does the body pump classes when I can fit them in. The combined effort is that I have lost nearly 2 stones & remarkable as it seems my cycle clothes are getting lose, well OK that's probably an exaggeration, not as tight is more the phrase I am looking for!

As soon as I ever get my bike, I shall be down to Neals for some hill riding over Exmoor to get used to my new beast.

On other news, I must be getting fitter (OK I know I am, my resting pulse is now around 47/48 bpm). I am finding it increasingly difficult to get my heart rate above 90% of my maximum & I am also burning less calories per hour in my spin classes. This must mean my body is working more effectively & efficiently, which I am hoping to test when I climb Wrotham Hill next, to see how much quicker I can ascend it & also if I can use a higher gear?

I do need better weather for this!!

This is me in the gym after 2 hours, my heart beat was about 171bpm when my mate Glen took this!

2010 the year of pain!!