13 December 2009

I'm now famous!!

I have recently changed roles at work & for the first time in nearly 21 years I'm not doing shift work. I now work Monday to Friday 8-4. It feels a little weird & the weekends just don't seem long enough??

To try & get into some routine I've cycling to work. It's only 12 miles so to spice up my training I have added a 45min swim to my day. I'm trying to maintain this habit & seems to be paying off. I've lost a few pounds in the past few weeks...... the hills will be easier next year!!

I will shortly be ordering my new bike & I am opting for the Specialised Roubaix with a triple ring on the front. Hopefully I will have this in time for the Hell of Ashdown on the 31st Jan!!

On other news it would appear that I am now famous & recently had a page devoted to my cycling escapades in the Surrey Overseer magazine

If you double click on the page it will become readable!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Famous? Only among the Grand Order of Todgers and in your wildest dreams mate!