22 November 2009

Like losing a loved one!

Went out with Rae today & did the Evans Cycle ride out of Biggin Hill. It was truely a miserable day with strong wind, rain wet leaves on the roads....in fact I should have stayed in bed!

The ride was punishingly hard over the North Downs & many a time we cycled up rivers that were cascading down the road. I managed to break my satnav & as it came off the bike I braked to stop & managed to trap it under the rear wheel between the road as I skidded to a stop on it. Needless to say it is now buggered!!

One knackered satnav

The incredible thing is that it still works & needs a new case & screen, which I will arrange over the next few days.

I managed to come off today as well, fortunately at very slow speeds on wet leaves, nothing broken on me or the bike. The only good news to come out of today is that my waterproof overshoes are excellent & they certainly had a good testing today!!

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