23 October 2009

The winter months

The training is very much continuing as the nights draw in. I am spinning when ever I can & have now taken to getting to the class about 2 hours before it starts. This is helping me to burn off some extra 1000 calories a day & more importantly to regain some of the stamina & endurance I lost since finishing LEJOG back in August.

Rae & I are going out on Thursday next week & doing a 50 mile ride around the North Downs (I so love hills!) & then I would imagine my road bike will be hung up in the garage for next year rides' to start.

The spin classes are hard & I sweat so much that it runs down my legs into my socks & shoes & I can actually wring my socks out at the end.... isn't that a pleasant thought??

My heart rate for (the class is the huge bit at the end!)

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