29 October 2009

An Indian Summer

Have you ever wondered why an Indian Summer is called an Indian Summer. Well so have I & no-one seems to know why?? If you can tell me please email me on pc.clare@gmail.com

I was joined by Rae & Chris as we enjoyed the last of the glorious weather on what will possibly be our last ride of the year? We did a 40 mile circuit which was a tad misty to start with!!

Some famous Kent Oast houses in fog!

The ride was uneventful, I am amazed at just how quickly your stamina & endurance can go. It was only a few months ago that I cycled 80 miles a day for 12 days & I struggled in places today!

Boys Toys 1 - my heart rate recorded on my Garmin Satnav

Boys Toys 2 - my heart rate recorded on my Garmin watch

The 2 Garmin products seem to vary quite considerably when recording my heart rate. I know it's only a guide, but as they work off the same chest band, surely they should be closer???

My favourite download of the route, shows it in clear detail. What more could you want??

Alas I am now working this weekend & Chris & Rae are off to cycle to Brighton tomorrow & I wish I was with them. I am off from Monday for 3 weeks before I start my new job. Hopefully the weather will be kind to me & I can get out on the road! Failing that I'll keep on spinning & running at the gym

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