15 October 2009

Boys toys!

I went to the London Cycle Show last week at Earls Court & to be honest I was a little disappointed with it. There were some wonderful looking bikes & I saw about 3 that I think I need, however I settled for a new heart rate monitor to help me with my training. As the winter will soon be with us, I am concentrating on spinning & have added running to my regime. I have often been asked a few questions:

1) What is a spin class??

It's an exercise class on a static bike in a group set to music. The bikes have gears & the display records your gear, cadence & heart rate (if you have a transmitter on) & total distance travelled along with the time spent on the machine.

The dreaded machine!!

The Handlebars & display unit

2) How hard is it?

If you look at the 2 downloads below they are me on the last couple of days warming up then spinning for an hour & then running for 25 mins. I think my sustained high heart rate gives some indication of effort used!!

Camerons Class (45mins) & 25 min jog
Marcia's class, can you spot where it started!!

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