24 September 2009

Day 1 for 2010

Dear all

The blog has now been changed & today I am looking forward to again cycling LEJOG. Confirmed this year is Rae, Gary, Neal & Nathan. I think Chris can be convinced & I'm sure Trevor will as well. Sandra, Nikki, Alan & Kevin are all a big NO's!!

I am looking for volunteers to drive the support car. It's 15 days away & you don't put your hand in your pockets, we cover all your expenses.

I am also looking for other riders. Again we are away 15 days & it will cost approximately £1000 to do this (hotels, petrol & food etc.) email me if you are interested pc.clare@gmail.com

If you are interested you will have to come riding with me on more than one occasion & also prove your fitness on the Norwich 100 miler or other similar cycle rides. (details will be circulated!)

I will soon be choosing which charities to support. It will be a police one & also a cancer related one. I have a few in mind, but haven't decided yet.... watch this space!

Crack open the sudocrem, the training starts again on Monday!!

2010 the final time??

Dear all

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for again supporting me & the team for this years ride. I raised nearly £4000 for some very worthy charities & on their behalf I just wanted to again thank you all.

A big thank you to Schwalbe our official tyre & inner tube sponsor. We certainly got through some inner tubes. Thanks also to Neal the wheelman, a tough job to do well & you did us proud.

The blog must now change & I must start to focus on 2010 ride & I will soon start my training in earnest for this. In 2009 I was a lot fitter than 2008, but I still really struggled up & over the hills of Devon & Cornwall. Of course I always will at 19 stone, so next year I plan to be below 15. To help in this I find out next month if I have a place in the London Marathon..... I must be mad!!

Thanks again & watch out for the blog name change when I can come up with anything suitable!!

17 September 2009

Kent from a different way!

Today I joined Chris & Rae & we cycled a measly 40 miles in Kent. I hadn't been over these parts before & forgot how hilly parts of Kent are. Needless to say I still hate hills & probably always will!! The steepest was the hill coming out of Tonbridge at 20%. Needless to say I was in the lowest gear grinding my way up!! I enjoyed the ride, just wonder how many I can get in before the weather turns too much??

Our rather hilly ride through Kent!

10 September 2009

St Albans ride

Dear Reader

Before the weather turns against us completely Sandra & I went & saw our old friend Nikki & did a 50 mile ride through Hertfordshire on wonderful weather. It was great to be riding with her again & makes last years LEJOG seem like a lifetime ago!!

Todays route

I am now starting to send off the first batches of sponsorship money that has been raised & I received the nice letter from Christine who is the president of COPS. She is also damned good cook & did us a wonderful meal at hers when we cycled through..... thanks Christine it was the best meal of LEJOG xx

My secret is now out, perhaps we should get Old Speckled Hen to sponsor us for next year??!!

8 September 2009

The first time?

Dear Reader

You would think after cycling LEJOG that I would be sick of the sight of my bike!!! Today Sandra & I are going out & doing about 70 miles to try to keep the endurance we have built up??

We were joined by an old work friend of mine Gary who has convinced me that I need to go LEJOG again next year, with Rae, Neal & Nathan...... oh OK then! See I'm easy to convince!!

Gary & Sandra having a well deserved drink (it was 28 degrees)

Gary, next years riding companion

Our route today with the topography & other interesting facts!!

New Gucci shoes!