20 August 2009

The dust has settled

Dear all

Well I am now back at work after being off for nearly a month & nothing changes!! It just all seems a distant memory, good memories though!!. I hadn't mentioned it on here, but good news. We were cycling along the A49 somewhere in Lancaster, when I heard a girl scream & I looked behind to see Kev throwing his bike on the floor & calling for me running into a hedge. (Not a girl, but Kev...... must have been saddle sore??). I went back & he had seen a car in a ditch that had clearly just gone off the road it had a lone female occupant who was unconscious & trapped in the rather mangled car. She had an obvious serious head injury & amongst us we dealt with it until the local Plod, Ambulance & Trumpton arrived........ Sandra you were magnificent!! The good news is the victim is going to be OK, she apparently was touch & go for a while, but so the locals tell us she is now on the road to recovery. It did mean we spent a few hours in the driving rain & cold there... hey-ho I've had worse days at work & I haven't got to go & do the call that all Policeman dread & break the awful news that someone has died (we are human after all?!)

There are a number of awards that need to be mentioned here. We didn't have a King of the Mountains we had a Queen (no, not Kev!!)

Queen of the Mountains Sandra Rutherford

Yellow Jersey Chris Stoodley

Most whinging tosspot Kev Parks

Person least prepared Kev Parks

Person who moaned the most Kev Parks

Best crash Trevor Barnes

Best spleen ranting Kev Parks

Best admission of daftness Chris Stoodley

Some of these need to be explained. Chris & I were cycling at the front of the group in Bristol, when a bus pulled out & clipped Chris who shouted at the driver to stop, he did & apologised. Kev the for some unknown reason (probably as he couldn't catch the original bus as he was soooooooooo far behind) rented his spleen at the bus behind??

Chris fell off twice, once in Bristol on the climb to the airport where he has no idea what happened, one minute he was going up the hill & the next he was lying on the verge & he has no idea how he got there!!! The other time was in Scotland when he couldn't unclip his feet from the SPD pedals!

Sandra fell off once when her chain came off, but the best 'Torvil & Dean' moment goes to Trevor just outside Gloucester when at about 3 mph his mobile phone rang. Neal our wheelman describes it as like watching a triple jumper & after his hop, skip & jump it was goodnight Vienna, he ended up lying there like a turtle on his back, legs & arms flapping in the air......10/10 for presentation & 10/10 for execution....!!

Chris does warrant special mention. He is off on leave for all of August & never actually asked me the dates of the ride. A few weeks beforehand he did. I told him we finished in John O'Groats on the 16th. No problem, anyway 15 mins later he rang me back to say he had a problem as on the 17th he was on the 12.30pm ferry from Dover for his family holiday. On day 11, when we covered 75 miles, he pressed onto the end & cycled an incredible 155 miles........... Chris Chapeau as they say in France..... awesome & yes dear reader he made the ferry & I trust he is now having a well deserved baguette & bottle of Vin Rouge!!

I have been asked if I would do it again......... yes I probably would. I love the feeling of cycling along through magnificent countryside with the sun on my face & the wind on my back...... the first 5 days were fantastic, alas it then poured down & we had strong head winds & I am yet to see Glencoe & to be honest most of Scotland in sunshine!!


Anonymous said...

I'm desperate to know - how much weight did you slough off this year?

Phil said...

1 kg

Bimble said...

That sounds more impressive than 2lbs! Just how much do you eat while you're cycling?

Phil said...

Loads, you have to otherwise you bonk, which strangely as is sounds isn't what you think!!

Bimble said...

Excuse my naivety (and I find myself bvlushing asking this), but what is bonking?

Phil said...

It's when you run out of energy & have nothing left to give. Why it's called bonking I have no idea....it's funny though!!

Anonymous said...

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