16 July 2009

Tempus fugit

I know I have said this before, but where does the time go, it does seem to fly by??

All the hotels are booked, checked & double checked. I have bought the supplies, got Neal & Chris on the car insurance & to be honest just want to leave now & start. I know the others feel the same as we have been talking about it.

Looking forward to the weekend, doing 75 miles on Saturday doing Essex Castles & 59 on Sunday completing at London to Southend. The bikes will then go in for a service & the following Sunday I am doing London to Cambridge which is 59 miles. That will probably be all the longish rides I can fit in.

It's now less than 3 weeks to go & am starting to get apprehensive, not about the ride, but more as I've organised it all!!

To give you some idea of the route & more importantly for us, the terrain, I mapped our ride on www.mapmyride.com which is an excellent website.

You can see it's 893.7 miles which we shall be doing over 12 days (just short of 75 miles a day average). The steep pointy bits are awful. Day 2 the big climb is onto Dartmoor, which I am not looking forward too. (on 99 miles). The next one is at 445 miles which is Shap Pass in the Lake District. Another long steep climb. The final long slog of note is the 30 mile climb up to Glencoe at 650 miles. All plan sailing then!!

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