10 July 2009

My friend the generous poet

Dear all

I recently sent a round robin email to my address list asking people to look at this blogsite & to think of us as we cycle the 878 miles

I had this reply back from my dear friend Joe which is just has to be shared with you!!

May the 5th of August (Wednesday) dawn bright and dry and clear
As you leave the coast at old Land's End to a rousing sporting cheer
With your back wheel touching water and your cycle pointing North
Set your ass upon that saddle and just push for all you're worth

As you travel over hill and dale, compass reading Nor' Nor' East
May the wind be ever at your back, Well, till Inverness at least
Then North Kessock, Fortrose, Evanton and on till Dinnock Firth
But you still continue pushing on for all you're bleedin worth

Thru Helmsdale, Hill of Many Stanes, thru Wick and Aukengill
There's just a few more miles to go then up that final hill
And when, at John O'Groats ye stand, a - lookin out to sea
There will be a cheque for 100 pounds, to go to you from me!!

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