11 July 2009

Hopefully NOT a portent of things to come?

Sandra & I in our continuing quest for perfection went out on a little ride of 30 miles today which was up & over Biggin Hill & then back through Brasted to mine. I do hope the weather we had isn't a forecast of what will have on the ride. It was a horrible drizzle that started as soon as we left mine.

Biggin Hill from mine is a steady climb of 13.4 miles which is something I still need all the practice I can get at!!

Our route (double click to make bigger)

Monday we are cycling to Folkestone (about 70 miles) for a stick of rock & a kiss me quick hat, hopefully it will be sunny & I will have some pictures to show you?


Anonymous said...

I am so eager to do this cycle, during August. I'm not sure about how to go about joining a group, tho'. Have seen yr blog. Good luck!!

Phil said...

Hi Fiona,

I replied to your email!!