13 July 2009

Folkestone today

Sandra & I are very much continuing our training. Today we cycled the 61.77 miles from mine down the old A20 to Folkestone. Not a bad route, we stopped & had coffee a couple of times & generally treated it as the training ride it is. Good news is I am improving massively over some of the steep hills & I can now sit quite comfortably at 20 mph on the flat with my pulse at about 65%. This is encouraging & I feel that I am a lot fitter than this time last year & should find Devon & Cornwall easier??

The profile of Wrotham Hill & yes I know I somehow managed to turn off the tracking bit on the SATNAV, however if you double click on the image & look at the top right hand side you will see the stats (I must read the manuel to see how things work??!!)

On the way home & we still had to cycle another 7 miles from Orpington station

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