2 July 2009

5 weeks & counting

It appears time & tide do indeed wait for no man, as I said a few posts ago, I can't believe where the time has gone & we are now less than 5 weeks & nearly at the 4 weeks stage until we leave

I have been out on my bike as much as I can & am tending not to do spin classes at the gym. This week alone I have cycled 150 miles & should add another 140 miles by Sunday, which will finish with me doing the London to Oxford cycle ride with Chris, Gav & Sandra.

I must be getting fitter, going up Wrotham Hill to Brands Hatch my pulse is no longer above 90% & I am struggling to get it that high!

Today I was joined by Gav & Sandra & we cycled to Ashford on the hottest day of the year, we really struggled to find places to fill our bottles & we all drank at least 4 of them. Fortunately Kent Police have a few stations on the way we called in at!!

It seemed warmer!!

I've now got a new SATNAV for my bike, which I am not 100% on working at the moment!! When I do I should be able to add the data from it (I had better learn quick as it's not long to go now!!)

The beer garden of the local pub after 45 miles on Tuesday

The phantom slasher leaving the scene of the crime!

I just weighed myself when I got in & I lost almost a stone in weight today. I think I may be dehydrated & need fluid!!

My heart rate & speed (double click to make bigger)

The route, my heart rate & speed (double click to make it bigger)

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