21 July 2009

2 weeks & counting

Woke up this morning & I feel awful....have I got swine flu? I actually do hope I have, it'll last a few days & will not impact on me when I am cycling. Before you all rush to avoid me it might only be hay fever?

Had a good 3 days, cycled 160 miles with Sandra & I feel a lot fitter than this time last year. I am looking forward to getting going & just want to start. All the last minute preparations are now in place & the worrying & fretting about what could go wrong I have hopefully factored out?

It may be a bit hit & miss updating the blog when I am en-route, but I will be posting pictures on Facebook. If you are not on it click here to register FACEBOOK & add me as a friend.

I have added a poll to see how much weight you'll think I will lose over 12 days. Last year I lost 4lbs over 10 days to give you an idea. However I drank isotonic drinks all the time not realising each bottle was nearly 500 calories. I shan't be drinking as many this year!??!

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