8 June 2009

Norwich 100 miler

The Norwich 100 miler!!

They day started badly when we got stuck on the M11 at 5.30am for an accident & didn't move for over an hour. (I'm not blaming anyone for being 15 mins late to mine, but we would have missed this Gav!).  So we arrived in Norwich just over an hour late, oh well these things happen.  To put 100 miles into a distance to comprehend it's roughly Trafalgar Square to Birmingham or to put it another way.... a hell of a long way!!

We started cycling at 8.30am & you will be pleased to know that I didn't come off this time!  We started in sunshine, but very soon into the ride we had  a few drops of rain, but nothing spectacular.  But the further we got away from the start the heavier it began to fall.  Dear reader after last years LEJOG I am used to cycling in rain, but yesterday was truly miserable.  We stopped after 30 miles & had a well deserved cup of tea to warm us up.  The sun actually came out & about 10 yards after we left the village hall, the heavens opened & this then stayed with us for the next 50 miles.

25 miles in & damp at this stage!

We then pressed onto the coast road where the downpour was joined by the unwelcome addition of a strong head wind.  To show how strong this wind was, on a fairly level piece of road, I was doing 14mph & I stopped pedaling.  Within 50 yards the wind had stopped me!!  The rain was the worst thing & it's hard to describe the miserable cold feeling of padded cycling short that has absorbed about as much water as an olympic sized swimming pool!

Needless to say it was hard work & we rapidly started to run out of energy, but we did it.  If anyone tells you that Norfolk is flat then they are liars!!

When we drove home the blue sky finally came through & I had to put my sunglasses on................ my mother wouldn't like the words I was thinking!

I have a little under 2 months to go now & I have to work on losing weight & my endurance.  I'm still a little over 19st 7lbs which is a hell of a lot of weight to carry up & over hills.  Next Sunday I am doing another ride with Rae & Gav from Ashford.  It's only 60 miles & hopefully it will be hot, sunny & DRY!!

Facts of the ride:

Distance 101.4 miles (ride time 7:34 mins)
Calories 6359
Top Speed 30.3 mph
Average Speed 12.9 mph
Max heart rate 107% (191 bpm)
Average heart rate 85%   (152 bpm)

The Route in detail

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