21 June 2009

London to Brighton 2009

I vowed last year that I wouldn't do London to Brighton again. It's well organised, but I feel far too many riders on crowded narrow country lanes, with people who cycle far too fast & do not have the required bike handling skills. Right, rant over & I did it again this year at the last minute. Rae who was doing LEJOG with us had a relapse last weekend whilst we were out riding & he is now booked in for an operation tomorrow & now very sadly will not be joining us for the main event, don't worry Rae we will do it next year (what am I saying, but sadly folks I am already looking ahead to 2010!!). Rae twisted my arm last weekend to do it today, so it's his fault & he wasn't even there!!.

The ride was uneventful for me (not others who crashed at the side of the road!). You can't ride a fantastic fast time because of the crowds, but it was a good day. I am clearly a lot fitter than last year & managed to make Turners Hill look easy. I got a lot further up 'The Beacon' than last year & I'm afraid had to walk the last 400 yards. My pulse had been over 100% of my maximum for about 5 mins & I thought it prudent to stop!!

I also cycled up to the start & back to Lewes where my wife met me. All in all a good training ride, which increased my confidence as I seem to be a lot fitter than this time last year. We only have just over 6 weeks now until we leave for Devon

Facts of the ride

Distance traveled 75.8 miles
Average speed 11.6 mph
Maximum speed 36.5 mph
Total calories 4255
Average heat beat 74% (131 bpm)
Maximum beat beat 121% (215 bpm) - Ditchling Beacon!!

The Profile of Ditchling Beacon & I certainly do not remember the downhill bit!!

The days route


Roy said...

Phil, I've done the London to Brighton - I don't like it much either, especially Ditchling Beacon...Argh...hate that hill!

Phil said...


It's fair to say I am not a hill climber!! I am still waiting for the form to be sent to me & I shall then send it to you!!


Roy said...

No probs - Is there a problem with your 'Just Giving' widgets?

Phil said...

Yes, I'm off to the gym now & I'll look at it when I get home!