14 June 2009

Great Kent Ride

Dear readers

The training is continuing & I was joined by Chris, Rae & Gav as we cycled a 60 mile round trip to & from Ashford in Kent. It started well as we covered nearly 18 miles in the first hour (ok I admit it's like a billiard table with no wind). This part of Kent is made for riding a pedal cycle on & it was virtually perfect cycling weather, which makes a nice change!!

After a nice cup of tea we pushed on over the Walland Marsh towards Rye, before turning back in land. Again still perfectly flat & windless.

Oh dear how that changed when we turned off the main road onto a much quieter one, I suddenly thought I was in the Alps!!

It was an unwelcome addition to the route, but at least it was relatively short. We had a little rest at the top & carried on, only to be held up a few hundred yards down the road by an unusual traffic jam!!

The woollie peloton going the other way!!

The ride was then fairly straight forward back to Ashford, with one added bonus of a hill that was 20% at it's maximum. This nearly killed me, but I just dropped down to a low gear & grinded my way up.

London to Brighton next week, another 60 odd miles!

I think the steepest hill I have ever cycled up??

Facts of the ride

Distance travelled: 59.6 miles
Calories burnt: 3477
Average speed: 14.7 mph
Top speed: 34.4 mph
Average Heart Rate: 87% (154 bpm)
Maximum Heart Rate: 104% (185 bpm) - on that bloody hill!!

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