23 June 2009

6 weeks & counting......eek!

Dear reader,

Where does the time go?? It only seemed like a few weeks ago LEJOG was still 6 months away & low & behold it's now 6 weeks. I am spinning as often as I can & am seriously monitoring my food intake, which is having the right sort of effect as I have lost 2.5 kg this week. Which is good until you look at it in terms of percentages of my overall body weight. I am still the same percentage of fat as a pork scratching, but I am at least a lot fitter than this time last year & I am hoping in the next 6 weeks to be able lose another 10 kg. Watch this space!!

The training will continue right up to the weekend before we leave, when I shall do nothing for 3 days prior to the ride.

On other news Rae had his operation yesterday, so here's to a quick & painless recovery & hopefully back on his bike very soon. The final line up for the ride is Sandra, Chris, Kev, Trevor & myself with Neal as the wheelman!!

This is the inside of my garage, am I becoming obsessed??? It doesn't show the other bike on the other side of the garage & I still want another one......

Been a busy day for me today, did Marcia's spin class this morning & decided to have a real hard effort this evening. I started spinning at 5.30pm & did the 6pm class that lasted for 45 mins. I continued spinning until the 7.15pm class which finished at 8pm. I span for 2 & a half hours & feel fine

20 mins into my 'warm up'

The end & was I glad to finish!!

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