26 April 2009

100 days & counting

Dear all

The training over the past few weeks has been a bit hit & miss, something called work keeps getting in the way.  It's now only 100 days until we leave & the weather is finally seems to be with us, which means I can get back on the bike with renewed vigor. 

We have however lost another member of team plod.  Nathan changed departments last week & he now can't get the time off work, so we are now down to a merry band of 8.

On other news Sandra & Sarah ran the London Marathon today, don't know what time in yet, but you can guarantee it would be quicker than I could run round in.

Their charts & I'm not saying which one is which!!

I will shortly be announcing something big in West Kent!! & also details of Sunday rides that I will be doing with some of the gang, so please come back to the blogsite & see the updates

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