30 March 2009

Warm weather at last

It was a wonderful day today & almost a novel experience, being on a bike, warm with bright sunshine, it was great feeling the heat from the sun on my legs!! 

We left the local gym & Sandra & I were joined by Clive & Gareth & we did our now familiar route down to Maidstone, across to Tonbridge & back through Sevenoaks......... well that was the plan!!

We reached the top of Wrotham Hill & started our descent all together.  It's fair to say that what I lack in hill climbing I make up for in descending, I lead the descent reaching over 40 mph.  The descent is a nice straight piece of road with a roundabout at the bottom, where we turn right to continue descending. Getting back up to the 40 odd mph over the next roundabout & descend for another 2 miles.  

About 4 miles further down the road I get a phone call from an unnamed person (It's wrong to name her) to ask me where I was??  Despite strict instructions & a knowledge of the area, Sandra & Clive turned right at the second roundabout where the should have gone straight on!!.  Seizing this as the perfect opportunity NOT to do Sevenoaks Hill we turned round & tried catch them back to David Lloyds (without success!!)

The rest of the ride was uneventful, except that I don't think any of the pro teams will hire me as a mechanic.  I had terrible trouble shifting down on the rear de-railer & my chain came off a number of times (always going up hill).  It transpired that the new chain I put on is too long & needs to have some links taken out..... this is now in the cycle shop.  Main downfall was I had to do the last hill of the day (Polehill) in the big cog on the front.......... hurt like hell before you ask!

Garth, Sandra & Clive by Brands Hatch

Facts of the ride

Distance travelled 37.4 miles
Average speed 12.8 mph
Maximum speed 41.6 mph
Calories burnt 2999
Average HR 85%
Max HR 100%

Gareth & my route!

Sandra & Clive ride was 32.12 miles long & I'm convinced it so they didn't have to do Sevenoaks Hill!!

Junior circuit!!

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