5 March 2009

Day 5!

Dear all

Day 5 of my new fitness regime & it's going well.  I've been really careful in what I eat & am losing weight (not as much as I would like though!!) & have been to the gym every day & this may come as a surprise have been doing spin classes!

The weather it now seems is conspiring against me & we had snow last night!, but we still have a few months to go before the main event, so I am confident I shall be able to do many more long rides.  I am hoping to get out next week & I am hoping some of the team will join me?

Other news, Claire managed to come off a few weeks ago, when a lorry clipped her & she apparently has some nasty bruises to show for her troubles.  Hope you feel better soon!!

When I go back to work in 4 weeks time I plan to cycle everyday.  The route is about 12 miles & is a fairly level one.  Having spent many years investigating fatal road traffic collisions I do stop at traffic lights & do not go up the inside of lorries & it takes me about an hour, which is quicker than public transport!

My Route to work

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