1 March 2009

1st March & Lent!

Dear all, time is gradually ticking away & we are into another month of 2009.  I am now off work for nearly a whole month & have decided that I must really get started on some serious training, if I want to make the hills of Devon & Cornwall a more pleasant experience than last year!!

I was joined today by some of my usual companions Nikki, Sandra & Gavin & we decided not to take on the might of the Col de Sevenoaks & opted for the now familiar training ride through Borough Green & Sevenoaks (We nearly missed it as someone who will remain nameless went off like a whippet & missed the turn off to Borough Green - didn't you Sandra!)

The hills never seem to get any easier, but the recovery time does.  I was however still slightly bunged up with cold & produced an incredible amount of snot today (I estimate a good 2 pints!)  The weather was kind as well which helped.  A good day all in all & nice to see Nikki again who hadn't been on a bike this year.

Top of Polhill, which I flew up today & was first by some time..... woo hoo!! (I was last on all the other hills today)

Nikki, shoveling a pasty down herself, I've never seen one disappear so quickly!!

Profile of Polhill

Profile of Ightham Hill

Facts of the ride

Distance covered 39.1 miles
Average speed 12.4 mph
Average heart rate 88%
Maximum heart rate 102%
Top speed 37.3 mph
Calories burnt 2801


Gerry said...

Just my observation upon the 'Pole Hill' bike ride - surely it should be called the 'Polhill' location?

Phil said...

Thanks Gerry, all amended now!