30 March 2009

Warm weather at last

It was a wonderful day today & almost a novel experience, being on a bike, warm with bright sunshine, it was great feeling the heat from the sun on my legs!! 

We left the local gym & Sandra & I were joined by Clive & Gareth & we did our now familiar route down to Maidstone, across to Tonbridge & back through Sevenoaks......... well that was the plan!!

We reached the top of Wrotham Hill & started our descent all together.  It's fair to say that what I lack in hill climbing I make up for in descending, I lead the descent reaching over 40 mph.  The descent is a nice straight piece of road with a roundabout at the bottom, where we turn right to continue descending. Getting back up to the 40 odd mph over the next roundabout & descend for another 2 miles.  

About 4 miles further down the road I get a phone call from an unnamed person (It's wrong to name her) to ask me where I was??  Despite strict instructions & a knowledge of the area, Sandra & Clive turned right at the second roundabout where the should have gone straight on!!.  Seizing this as the perfect opportunity NOT to do Sevenoaks Hill we turned round & tried catch them back to David Lloyds (without success!!)

The rest of the ride was uneventful, except that I don't think any of the pro teams will hire me as a mechanic.  I had terrible trouble shifting down on the rear de-railer & my chain came off a number of times (always going up hill).  It transpired that the new chain I put on is too long & needs to have some links taken out..... this is now in the cycle shop.  Main downfall was I had to do the last hill of the day (Polehill) in the big cog on the front.......... hurt like hell before you ask!

Garth, Sandra & Clive by Brands Hatch

Facts of the ride

Distance travelled 37.4 miles
Average speed 12.8 mph
Maximum speed 41.6 mph
Calories burnt 2999
Average HR 85%
Max HR 100%

Gareth & my route!

Sandra & Clive ride was 32.12 miles long & I'm convinced it so they didn't have to do Sevenoaks Hill!!

Junior circuit!!

29 March 2009

Spring cleaning

Dear all

Having tried to cycle throughout the winter & in some truly awful weather, I decided  to give the bike a jolly good clean.  The chain had become a little stiff with the funny red/brown on it, which I am lead to believe was rust!  Needless to say, it was salvageable but I decided I needed a new one for the training that I must now throw myself into now the weather finally appears to be getting better.  

New gold chain

I also treated myself to a new set of tyres, the others had covered somewhere in the region of 3000 miles & had started to crack in places.  

Tomorrow I am going to cycle to Maidstone across to Tonbridge before heading back through Sevenoaks & Orpington.  This round trip from mine is 61 miles.  I am planning to do it again on Tuesday before I meet my wife in London at Rules to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary (I think the diet will be off that night!!)

24 March 2009

Where has March gone?

Dear all

March has almost gone & apart from working a few nights & spending all day sat outside a court because of legal argument I've been off.  The training started well, but I managed to get an inflamed gland in my leg which took a few days to go (burst really), but it's very much now back on track

Marcia was back at the gym today & her class was harder than ever, I'm not sure if that's because of my week off or her anger at not being well??  Nether the less, I burnt over 1000 calories in just over an hour!!

The weather it would appear is finally improving & I am hoping to get out for some longer rides now to let my body acclimatise it's self to longer periods in the saddle.

You will be pleased to know that when I was nights last week, I cycled into work; which as ever I really enjoyed.

Keep following, as I have a plan up my sleeve for another daft event!!

5 March 2009

Day 5!

Dear all

Day 5 of my new fitness regime & it's going well.  I've been really careful in what I eat & am losing weight (not as much as I would like though!!) & have been to the gym every day & this may come as a surprise have been doing spin classes!

The weather it now seems is conspiring against me & we had snow last night!, but we still have a few months to go before the main event, so I am confident I shall be able to do many more long rides.  I am hoping to get out next week & I am hoping some of the team will join me?

Other news, Claire managed to come off a few weeks ago, when a lorry clipped her & she apparently has some nasty bruises to show for her troubles.  Hope you feel better soon!!

When I go back to work in 4 weeks time I plan to cycle everyday.  The route is about 12 miles & is a fairly level one.  Having spent many years investigating fatal road traffic collisions I do stop at traffic lights & do not go up the inside of lorries & it takes me about an hour, which is quicker than public transport!

My Route to work

1 March 2009

1st March & Lent!

Dear all, time is gradually ticking away & we are into another month of 2009.  I am now off work for nearly a whole month & have decided that I must really get started on some serious training, if I want to make the hills of Devon & Cornwall a more pleasant experience than last year!!

I was joined today by some of my usual companions Nikki, Sandra & Gavin & we decided not to take on the might of the Col de Sevenoaks & opted for the now familiar training ride through Borough Green & Sevenoaks (We nearly missed it as someone who will remain nameless went off like a whippet & missed the turn off to Borough Green - didn't you Sandra!)

The hills never seem to get any easier, but the recovery time does.  I was however still slightly bunged up with cold & produced an incredible amount of snot today (I estimate a good 2 pints!)  The weather was kind as well which helped.  A good day all in all & nice to see Nikki again who hadn't been on a bike this year.

Top of Polhill, which I flew up today & was first by some time..... woo hoo!! (I was last on all the other hills today)

Nikki, shoveling a pasty down herself, I've never seen one disappear so quickly!!

Profile of Polhill

Profile of Ightham Hill

Facts of the ride

Distance covered 39.1 miles
Average speed 12.4 mph
Average heart rate 88%
Maximum heart rate 102%
Top speed 37.3 mph
Calories burnt 2801