11 February 2009

Winter training

All the professional teams go to nice warm locations like the Canaries to train through the winter.  I came up with a great idea of cycling through Kent over some of the steepest climbs in crappy weather in February!!

We were joined by Rae who will be doing Le Tour with us & a friend from the Gym Clive.  We cycled down to Maidstone, across to Tonbridge & back up via Sevenoaks & Orpington.  Sevenoaks is the worst hill & I had to stop 3 times to let my heart rate drop to below 100%.  It was a good day, until the heavens opened about 14 miles from the end, but it's all good training

The morning after the night before & looking remarkably fresh when you consider what she drank!!!  Well it was her birthday

Who was a naughty girl!!

Top of Wrotham Hill for a nice hot coffee (Sandra & Clive)

Halfway round for an egg banjo & tea.  (Clive, Sandra & Rae)

It poured down & I got a wet & dirty bum!!

Facts of Ride

Distance Covered: 57.7 miles
Average Speed: 12.3 mph
Top Speed: 38.3 mph
Average Heat beat: 84 BPM
Maximum Heart Rate: 104% (Sevenoaks Hill)
Calories Burnt: 3801

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