19 February 2009

Looking forward to March

Dear all

I now only have 4 more working days left until I am off for nearly the whole of March & the real training must begin.  I am hoping to spend 3 days in Devon with our wheelman Neal,  to try & taylor my training specifically to hills (which to be honest I am slow at best on) & generally get used to cycling long distances in new surroundings. I do enjoy our rides out into Kent, but you do get bored with the same routes.

My bike will be on fire by April & I am hoping to have lost a few stones & I shall be back on the bike to get to work.  I am now seriously contemplating getting a new bike for this years ride, but will have to work on the soup dragon!!

I may need a new bike??

13 February 2009

My new nemesis!!

Dear all

I was again fiddling with my computer & I have downloaded the profile for Sevenoaks Hill, I now don't feel that bad for having to stop to let my heart rate come down to below 100% on 3 occasions!!

Is that part of the gradient 17% or our my eyes failing?

11 February 2009

Winter training

All the professional teams go to nice warm locations like the Canaries to train through the winter.  I came up with a great idea of cycling through Kent over some of the steepest climbs in crappy weather in February!!

We were joined by Rae who will be doing Le Tour with us & a friend from the Gym Clive.  We cycled down to Maidstone, across to Tonbridge & back up via Sevenoaks & Orpington.  Sevenoaks is the worst hill & I had to stop 3 times to let my heart rate drop to below 100%.  It was a good day, until the heavens opened about 14 miles from the end, but it's all good training

The morning after the night before & looking remarkably fresh when you consider what she drank!!!  Well it was her birthday

Who was a naughty girl!!

Top of Wrotham Hill for a nice hot coffee (Sandra & Clive)

Halfway round for an egg banjo & tea.  (Clive, Sandra & Rae)

It poured down & I got a wet & dirty bum!!

Facts of Ride

Distance Covered: 57.7 miles
Average Speed: 12.3 mph
Top Speed: 38.3 mph
Average Heat beat: 84 BPM
Maximum Heart Rate: 104% (Sevenoaks Hill)
Calories Burnt: 3801

6 February 2009

Who do you believe?

We have had some cold weather, which must be the stupidest start to a blog entry ever, talk about state the obvious!!

In a few days Sandra & I will be attempting 3 progressively harder rides from Tuesday, we will be doing 40 miles, 60 miles & then 104 miles.  The trouble is I don't know what weather forecast to believe as they are all different??

BBC Website

MET office (which you would expect to be correct?!)

My iphone

I think we will have to play it by ear for each day, but big Daddy will return & I am sure we will get out & do some cycling even if it's laps of a local 7 mile circuit I have.  We might just go round this about 10 times to get the miles in our legs!