26 January 2009

Where has January gone?

Well we are nearly at the end of January & I don't know where the time has gone?  I've finally got rid of my boomerang cold (I called it that as it kept coming back!) & I have now been able to do some seriously hard spin classes.  I span this morning for nearly 2 hours & burnt 1491 calories.  I must be getting fitter as it now takes me an hour & 20 mins to burn 1000 calories & I haven't managed to get my heart rate above 98% no matter how hard or how long I push myself.  My resting pulse is low 60's & my clothes are getting looser (expensive!)

I am now looking at all roads when I drive down them thinking, this'll be a bastard to cycle up or not as the case may be!!

I just seem to see cyclist everywhere, these sheep just look like le peleton on a mountain stage.  I suppose the polka dot jersey would be made of wool?!

It was great to see Lance Armstrong make his comeback on Le tour Down Under & that has given me an extra impetuous to get out on the bike & put in some hard miles. I was chatting at the gym this week I was amazed how many of my fellow spinners feel the same about cycling & looks like we might make an informal cycle team (The David Lloyds Gentleman's second XI spinners?)  Because of shift work this will mean I should have a riding companion on most days when the weather is better!!

I have to have 2 weekends away with the wife in Rome & Paris to watch Lance finish 2 of the 3 Grand Tours he has entered this season.  We were in Paris for No 7!!

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