6 January 2009

It was f&^king freezing

Dear Reader

Sandra & I were joined by another member of Team Plod, Chris & we completed the 38 mile circuit I had devised.  It is fair to say that I have had warmer days on a bike!! & it was bloody freezing.

A quick break at the top of the Col de Hatch.  As you can see the snow is still there!!

Only 3 miles in & looking good!!

Sandra & I did Marcia's spin this morning & I burnt 1200 calories in just over an hour!! We then went back to mine & changed into our warm weather cycling gear that we had both purchased for today.  The route is particularly hilly, which is definitely what I need.  I'm still 19 stone & do struggle over them, but I do get over them!!

I don't think I have ever been so cold, coming back through Orpington I had lost the feeling in my left hand & in my toes.  I lost 2 dear friends but found them again in the hot shower back at home!!! Sandra had no feeling in her feet or hands, but a hot water bottle & a shower helped

We were slow today, but we did go over the second highest point in Kent & it was bloody cold.  It was zero degrees Celsius when we left & I would think around -3 in places. The top of Wrotham Hill had black ice on the road.  All good training for August.

Facts of the day

Time taken: 3 hours & 6 minutes
Average heart beat: 88%
Calories burnt: 2817
Distance: 37.4 miles
Average speed: 12.1 mph

Off to a warm bed!!

There were a couple of missing people who I think we should remember, but not name.  I shall call the 1st Dichard Ravies who couldn't come as he was having a chandelier delivered (he lives in a flat - illusions of grandure!) & the other who again I shall not mention is Rathan Nead who is basically under the thumb!!