30 January 2009

Big Daddy returns!

Sandra & I again cycled our now training route out over Wrotham Hill & back through Sevenoaks & Orpington.  When we last did this there was snow on the ground & it was bloody cold!!  It was Mediterranean today by comparison & was a barmy 5 degrees.  So we both wrapped up warm in cycling tights, overshoes, hats & full length gloves. Some pretty unkind comparisons were being made about me & a certain former sports star!!

I expected more from my wife!!

We were a few minutes quicker today than when we did this earlier in the month.  Having done 7 spin classes this week, my legs were not functioning at their best & I was unable to dance on the peddles up the hills.  Sandra on the other hand was like the preverbal rat up a drainpipe.  If you double click on the picture below you will just be able to make her out!

Sandra is the little yellow speck about half way up

Fact of the ride

Distance travelled : 37 miles
Time taken : 3 hours & 5 mins
Average speed : 12 mph
Calories burnt : 2385
Average Heart beat : 81%

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