30 January 2009

Big Daddy returns!

Sandra & I again cycled our now training route out over Wrotham Hill & back through Sevenoaks & Orpington.  When we last did this there was snow on the ground & it was bloody cold!!  It was Mediterranean today by comparison & was a barmy 5 degrees.  So we both wrapped up warm in cycling tights, overshoes, hats & full length gloves. Some pretty unkind comparisons were being made about me & a certain former sports star!!

I expected more from my wife!!

We were a few minutes quicker today than when we did this earlier in the month.  Having done 7 spin classes this week, my legs were not functioning at their best & I was unable to dance on the peddles up the hills.  Sandra on the other hand was like the preverbal rat up a drainpipe.  If you double click on the picture below you will just be able to make her out!

Sandra is the little yellow speck about half way up

Fact of the ride

Distance travelled : 37 miles
Time taken : 3 hours & 5 mins
Average speed : 12 mph
Calories burnt : 2385
Average Heart beat : 81%

Stamp your Mark 2014

I have also decided to help boost the Surrey Provincial Mark appeal for 2014 by raising fund with my ride.  For my friends in certain clubs, click on the 'Stamp your Mark' below & follow the instructions how to donate via the downloadable gift-aid form

26 January 2009

Where has January gone?

Well we are nearly at the end of January & I don't know where the time has gone?  I've finally got rid of my boomerang cold (I called it that as it kept coming back!) & I have now been able to do some seriously hard spin classes.  I span this morning for nearly 2 hours & burnt 1491 calories.  I must be getting fitter as it now takes me an hour & 20 mins to burn 1000 calories & I haven't managed to get my heart rate above 98% no matter how hard or how long I push myself.  My resting pulse is low 60's & my clothes are getting looser (expensive!)

I am now looking at all roads when I drive down them thinking, this'll be a bastard to cycle up or not as the case may be!!

I just seem to see cyclist everywhere, these sheep just look like le peleton on a mountain stage.  I suppose the polka dot jersey would be made of wool?!

It was great to see Lance Armstrong make his comeback on Le tour Down Under & that has given me an extra impetuous to get out on the bike & put in some hard miles. I was chatting at the gym this week I was amazed how many of my fellow spinners feel the same about cycling & looks like we might make an informal cycle team (The David Lloyds Gentleman's second XI spinners?)  Because of shift work this will mean I should have a riding companion on most days when the weather is better!!

I have to have 2 weekends away with the wife in Rome & Paris to watch Lance finish 2 of the 3 Grand Tours he has entered this season.  We were in Paris for No 7!!

23 January 2009

Another on line

Hi all

A couple of other members of Team Plod have started their own blogs they are  Nathan Read & Sarah Barrett which you can follow by clicking on their names.  (Sarah is currently training for the London Marathon & her training his geared to this for the moment!)

22 January 2009

How flat is England & Scotland?

It started badly today when I was running later for my spin class this morning, I was running into the gym from the car park & my right foot disappeared under about 4" of cold water in the worlds deepest puddle.  I then ran into the changing room, which was being mopped & it was like Torvil & Dean but heavier!!  On slipping over I managed to spear my hand with my car key, breaking it in the process (key not hand).  I am now contemplating going back to bed!!

Before I do, I was fiddling with the new program I found & have now mapped out the topography of the whole route for each day.  It will give you some idea of what we will have to go up & over & why I want to be well below the 19 stone I am at present!!

If you double click on the image it becomes bigger & you can see where we will suffer in greater detail!!

Day 1

Day 2 (The worst day!)

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

19 January 2009

A new training regime!

Dear Reader

The training has been going well, I've not been out on the bike that much this year as it's too bloody cold, but I've been to the gym nearly everyday & am eating well!

I've been fiddling with the computer again & have now mapped out a number of routes I want to do regularly when the weather warms up.  The program I have discovered now shows the hills as percentages or the severity.  As you can see from below I have included the worst 20 miles of the route across Dartmoor & you can see why I need to practice hills.  Dartmoor is roughly 26 miles across & will take us about 3 hours!

Out via Sevenoaks 38 miles

Out via Maidstone 61.3 miles

Out via Ashford 104 miles

Oh dear, Dartmoor look at the hills!!

17 January 2009

Wheel man

Have you noticed how every good heist has a wheel man, the Italian Job wouldn't have been the same without the mini's or Big William driving the coach.  Jason Statham's films the Transporter wouldn't have been so good if he was walking!! I am please to announce that we now have our own wheel man & mechanic (I haven't told him this yet).  He will also be the cook & a general godsend (again not told him)

This is my mate Neal who has very kindly agree to drive us!!

6 January 2009

It was f&^king freezing

Dear Reader

Sandra & I were joined by another member of Team Plod, Chris & we completed the 38 mile circuit I had devised.  It is fair to say that I have had warmer days on a bike!! & it was bloody freezing.

A quick break at the top of the Col de Hatch.  As you can see the snow is still there!!

Only 3 miles in & looking good!!

Sandra & I did Marcia's spin this morning & I burnt 1200 calories in just over an hour!! We then went back to mine & changed into our warm weather cycling gear that we had both purchased for today.  The route is particularly hilly, which is definitely what I need.  I'm still 19 stone & do struggle over them, but I do get over them!!

I don't think I have ever been so cold, coming back through Orpington I had lost the feeling in my left hand & in my toes.  I lost 2 dear friends but found them again in the hot shower back at home!!! Sandra had no feeling in her feet or hands, but a hot water bottle & a shower helped

We were slow today, but we did go over the second highest point in Kent & it was bloody cold.  It was zero degrees Celsius when we left & I would think around -3 in places. The top of Wrotham Hill had black ice on the road.  All good training for August.

Facts of the day

Time taken: 3 hours & 6 minutes
Average heart beat: 88%
Calories burnt: 2817
Distance: 37.4 miles
Average speed: 12.1 mph

Off to a warm bed!!

There were a couple of missing people who I think we should remember, but not name.  I shall call the 1st Dichard Ravies who couldn't come as he was having a chandelier delivered (he lives in a flat - illusions of grandure!) & the other who again I shall not mention is Rathan Nead who is basically under the thumb!!

5 January 2009

It's gonna be cold tomorrow!

I woke up this morning to be greeted by this sight out of the window!!

It's gonna be a cold 38 miles ride tomorrow!

2 January 2009

Good start to 2009

Dear reader

One of the nurses at work worries about me & since they discovered my blood pressure was high, takes it at every available opportunity!

3 weeks ago it was 195/95 & it's now down to 145/90, which is still high, but going in the right direction

Nathan & I went to the gym in the early hours last night (we were nights) & had a bench off............my arms aren't as user friendly as they were & are a little on the stiff side!!

We are off cycling next Tuesday, doing the 38 mile circuit after Marcia's spin.......why?? I think we are both troubled!!

Happy New Year to you all