5 December 2008

There are people as daft as me!

I said a few weeks ago that I wouldn't mind having a stab at LEJOG as part of an endurance relay with 5 or 6 other riders each taking it in turns whilst the others rest/sleep in the minibus.  I thought I would mention this to a few of my riding friends to get their views.

I have spoken to 5 other people & all are extremely interested in doing this obviously depending on time of year etc.  So this looks to be a goer!! The other 5 are Nikki, Sandra, Sarah, Alan & Gav

If we can average 15 mph (which is easily achievable) it would take us 2 days, 10 hours & 26 minutes to cover the 874 miles

Looks like May for this as Sandra & Sarah are running in the London Marathon in April & need to taylor their training towards that.

Watch this space for more updates on this & the big one!!

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